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Reviews for Pet-Ema 250 mg, 12 mL (1011894)

Cat Enemas
Author: bored_cat
been giving my cat enemas at home for 5 years+ due to megacolon. I usually have to give him 2 to clean him out entirely, but his case is extreme...the process does take quite a long time, although they do work well. Can't beat the price!

Glad I can purchase from Vetdepot
Author: MJ Cven
Location: Chicago, IL
I have an overweight cat who gets constipated on occasion. Being able to buy these is a lifesaver. Had to take to the emergency vet because it always happened on the weekend and it was $400. They work great and fast. Use the 250 mg because of his size, smaller one works also just takes longer. Can purchase from the vet but they charge much more.

Pet enema that works great
Author: Dave
Location: CA
My Maine Coon cat became chronically constipated and I have tried a lot of remedies. I have changed his diet to feature mostly wet food and have tried adding things to his food to encourage him to go. Nothing worked but this Pet-Ema. I go for the larger dosage (12ml) because my cat is 17 pounds. You need a friend to hold the front of the cat to keep him from running away. His diet change is working, but he still needs one of these every 4-7 days. Great product, works every time.

Pet-Ema 250 mg, 12 mL
Author: Dave
Location: santa monica, ca.
My cat has been chronically constipated and this product produces a stool every time. My cat is 18 pound so this dosage is right. Until the changes in his diet change the situation, this is a great solution.

Relieved my cat fast
Author: Jackie Wilson
Location: Leesburg, Florida
One of my cats newest kitten batch simply could not make it's business. This worked quickly and probably saved its life.

VetDepot Rocks!
Author: Lee
Location: United States
<p>Our vet charges $11 dollars each for these! Awesome pricing at VetDepot! Love how quickly the products arrive!!!</p>

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