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Reviews for Pancrezyme Powder, 12 oz (1011321)

Pancreatic Enzyme Powder
Author: Gail
Location: West Yellowstone
My German Shepherd was 5 years old when he got diarrhea and I began giving him ImodiumAD to stop it. This did not work so well and I took him to the vet and blood tests were done. Showed his pancreas was not producing enzymes enough to bread down his food. I bought the enzyme from the vet and then looked on line for the same product. Vet Depot had the best price and the process was a breeze to set up and input my vets information for the prescription. Delivery is fast and ordering is simple. To all those that have dogs that all of a sudden get diarrhea and loose weight: take them to your vet and have a blood test done for their pancreas. If you need this enzyme, then get it here at Vet Depot for it is the least expensive online and the most efficient to getting to you when you need it.

Saved my pet's life!
Author: JennInNY
Location: NYC
I am so thankful for this product and I am thankful that vetdepot makes it so easy to order it and use it.

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