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Reviews for Panacur C (Fenbendazole) Granules, 1 Grams, 3 Packets (1010480)

Hides easily in food, effective de-wormer
Author: Lisa K
Location: North Carolina
We have several barn cats who can smell our usual liquid dewormer in their food a mile away. I ordered these granules to see if I could get it past them. I'm happy to report that all the cats ate their "treat" of canned cat food including the granules. One cat in particular had signs of tapeworm, which is gone now. I recommend these granules for deworming dogs and cats who don't usually accept medication easily.

Author: PJR
Location: Md
Absolutely effective!

Panacur C (Fenbendazole) Granules, 1 Grams, 3 Packets
Author: PJR
Location: Maryland
Excellent for ease of use and effectiveness. Have been using this product for years and all of our dogs are always clear on fecal exams.

Panacur C (Fenbendazole) Granules, 1 Grams, 3 Packets
Author: Unknown
Location: Virginia
Panacur is a great de-wormer for dogs of all sizes. I routinely use it when we take in a new rescue dog for foster care. Many times, the fecal sample checked by the veterinarian won't reveal parasites such as hookworm, which can be so difficult to detect. After going through multiple fecal tests that revealed nothing, I dosed with Panacur and it resolved the problems. If one dog has hookworm or others, I dose all of them with Panacur even if they don't show symptoms. It's easy to use and safe, and the dogs readily consume it in their canned meat or with yogurt.

Wonderful product
Author: Kris
Location: houston, tx
This product worked well, and did not make my puppy sick. It got rid of the worms that my puppy had and I highly recommend. Thanks

Works wonderfully
Author: lukie177
I have used this product several times before and it works great. My dogs went to the vet shortly after a treatment and they both checked out free of any and all worms. This cleared them out and I now use it as a preventive just in case. There are a lot of stray cats where I live & dogs will be dogs & eat things they shouldn't, so I use this 1 time every 6 months for 3 days & never have any problems. I just mix it with a little of baby rice cereal and water and they eat it right up. No bad side effects and works like it should.

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