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Reviews for Osteo-Form, 50 Chewables (1014112)

Osteo-Form Chewables to supplement a home cooked diet
Author: Diane
Location: Tampa, Florida
My apricot toy poodle suffered from mysterious allergies, leading to scratching and bald patches. After talking with my vet and doing a lot of reseaarch, I decided to move from store-bought dry and canned food to a home-cooked diet.

Knowing that he would need more calcium and phosphorous than what he got from his new diet, I began searching for the right supplement. I was very pleased to find Osteo-Form chewables here at VetDepot. The pricing is significantly lower than PedMeds and other internet or brick-and-mortar pet stores.

Since changing his diet to roasted turkey and chicken, cooked green veggies, sweet potatoes and pumpkin, the itching has been eliminated.

We also feed him an occasional raw beef shank bone, which he loves. But, the amount of calcium in the chicken or turkey (we feed meat only-NO cooked bones) was not sufficient to meet his nutritional needs.

Since starting Ruffles on Osteo-Form, at the dose recommended for his weight, I am confident he is getting what he needs for strong bones and teeth! Thank you VetDepot!

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