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Reviews for Flexadin Plus for Dogs, 90 Chewable Tablets (1016185)

Author: Twila
Location: Florida
We bought Osteo-3 first from the vet who prescribed it for our newly-diagnosed-as-arthritic dog. Subsequently, we purchased from VetDepot because of the significantly better price as compared to the vet's. Osteo-3 has made a noticeable difference in our dog, making his ability to walk, jump, and run a pleasurable experience again.

Author: Monica
Location: Seattle WA
<p>The vet gave us the powder version of this for my doberman's bad hip and spine (he used to cry from the pain) but he wouldn't touch it. The pills are a different story..he LOVES them. He acts like I'm giving him a biscuit!

The stuff works wonders for his joints FYI. He's a 3 yr old dog that acted like a decrepid senior, laying around the house all day, getting up slowly and crying in pain, especially if you touched his hip. He's like a different dog now: tons more energy, instigates play with the other dog, no problems sitting or laying down, and not only does he let me touch his hip but he enjoys butt-pets :) definitely acts more his age now so I'm happy, and I have not seen this cheaper anywhere else I looked either.</p>

Flexadin for a 13 year Old Chocolate Lab
Author: Ed
Location: Home
We have been giving our senior member of the family Flexadin for a couple of weeks now and she gobbles them up like candy.

Flexadin Plus for Dogs, 90 Chewable Tablets
Author: Tina
Location: Nesbit, MS
Excellent Product, Great Price!

Great product
Author: Mike
Location: Brooksville, FL
My vet recommended the product for our 12 year old German Shorthair and it has made him more comfortable. VetDepot price was about 1/3rd cheaper than the vet and service is great!

Great Product
Author: The Bowmans
Location: Columbus, OH
Our golden retriever tore his ACL tendion. We looked into having surgery on it but that would cost $1500-$4000. Then we found a vet who said he had great success with Osteo-3 supplements. It worked wonderfully. Our 8 year old retriever plays like he is a puppy. You would never guess he has a bad leg.

Osteo-3 is great
Author: Shirley Viars
Location: Baltimore, MD
I've been giving them to my older golden, Kobi, for 2 years now. He had a partially torn cruciate and the vet recommended them. Kobi doesn't limp anymore - he has a spring to his step.

After searching the web, I found the best price at Vet Depot.

Osteo-3 Nutritional Supplement, 90 Tablets
Author: Cardimom
Location: Athens, GA
Made a huge difference for my older dog for movement and flexibility. Tablets are easier to deal with than granules. Wish they came in half-size tablets since we give half a tab per day and breaking the tablets doesn't work that well.

Spry dog
Author: Lucy's mom
Our 15 year old rescue has been taking this for a few years. Boy it made a big difference in her mobility and agility. She seems to like it too. We just break it up in her food and she gobbles it up. Great product.

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