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Reviews for OcluVet Eye Drops 15mL (1014123)

OcluVet Eye Drops
Author: Milie
Location: Florida
I have 2 small dogs, one is 14 the other 15 years old. They both have cataracts. I started using OcluVet eye drops in July 2012 and saw an improvement right away. I am continuing to use the eye drops, and although both dogs still have cataracts they don't seem to be getting worse. I will see what my Vet says when I take them for their annual visit next year.

OcluVet Eye Drops 15mL
Author: M
I have been using OcluVet Eye drops on my dogs for a couple of years and even though their cataracts continued to develop I feel it would be much worse without these drops, they probably would have been blind by now. One dog, a Silky Terrior, was 17 and since passed due to renal failure, and my other dog, a Yorkie, will be 16 in Dec. and is still going strong and I am still using the drops on him.

OcluVet helps cataracts.
Author: Remy Vila
Location: Easley SC
Is there anything worse than watching your pet go blind? My vet recommended this and I've been using it ever since. I've never tried anything else so I really can't compare. But I wanted to write a review to say I have definitely noticed am improvement in vision and so has my veterinarian. We are trying to resist surgery. So far so good.

Saved our pet
Author: Daniel
Location: Valencia, CA
Ok... I'm going to start off this review by letting you all know up front that my wife and I do not have a traditional pet, aka: dog or cat. We have an 11 month old pet duck. Yep... a duck. Had it since it was 10 days old, and it's the cutest, sweetest pet that either of us have ever had in our lives... it's a freak of nature.

Anyways, about a month and a half ago, virtually overnight, our duck 'Marty' developed a cateract. Within 2 weeks she went from normal vision, to completely blind in her right eye because of how large the cateract had suddenly grown, covering 3/4 of her right eye. Her left eye was still useable, but a cateract was growing quickly in that eye as well.

We took her to the vet, who pretty much told us that there is nothing we can do, and eventually if she goes completely blind we could opt for possible eye surgery at $1,000 per eye.

I found ocluvet eye drops online, and after worrying about it for a few days... my wife and I decided to give them a try. Ducks have 2 sets of eyelids, a clear one that acts like swimming goggles over the actual eye, and then a regular eye lid over that. We had no idea if the drops would work on a duck, but we had to try something, our pet was nearly blind, wouldn't eat, was miserable, and was afraid of any movement.

Within 1 week of applying the drops, the huge cateract in her right eye was reduced by around 20% in size. She still couldn't see out of that eye, but she started moving around, squeeking, and following us again. By the end of the 2nd week, it had reduced about 40% from the day we got the drops, and by the end of the 3rd week... it was only half of the size that it was before.

She can now register movement from her right eye, runs around and plays like she did before, and does everything like she used to. We are still applying the drops, and today is the beginning of the 4th week on them. I'm looking forward to seeing how much more the drops have shrunk her cateract in this past week.

I know the duck thing might be wierd for some of you... but imagine that it's your dog or cat that is blind, walking into walls, afraid of every sound and movement, won't eat, won't play, etc, etc..... These drops gave us our pet back.

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