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Reviews for Novox 25 mg, 60 Caplets (Carprofen) (1014116)

Author: Valerie
I love Vet Depot, I have become a regular here because of long-term medication use with my pets. I used 1-800-Petmeds before, they are so overpriced. Vet Depot has great prices, they are efficient, they constantly update your order status and deal with the vet office which is half the battle. Thank you!

It Really Works/Great Price
Author: Maritza
Location: Oklahoma City, ok.
<p>It really works. My dog can't live without pain medication until the day she dies and she has to take several other medications daily. The cost adds up very fast. With VetDepot they provide a product that works at a reasonable price. Thanks!</p>

Novox 25 mg, 60 Caplets (Carprofen)
Author: RJB
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Novox is the generic form of Rimadyl and has the same effect on my dog as the more expensive Rimadyl. I am thankful for the availability of this medication and would recommend it without reservation.

Novox got my 15 y/o Bichon up and playing again
Author: Joan E. Wiseman
Location: United States
The medicine is great, I could not believe after a couple days how much my little bichon improved, after 5 days he went to only one a day, he is playful and happy, it's just remarkable. My Vet started him out on it and was happy to give me a refill through Pet Depot. I gave vet depot my vets name and phone number and they took care of the rest. The price was nearly 3 times LESS, which meant a great deal to me since my dog will have to be on one a day for the rest of his life. I will recommend vet depot to everyone I know!!

Novox Works!
Author: Aiden Sears
Location: Elk City, OK
Helps my dog with hip dysplasia.

Now my vet says Novox!!!
Author: coljp
Location: Florida
OK so my ancient dog now needs Novox for his arthritis ...

Vetdepot to the rescue. Not only did they have it, but it was priced much better than my dog Vet.

Thanks Vetdepot...

So Wonderful to see my 15 y/o Bichon Up & About
Author: Joan
Location: Portland, OR
Before my Vet started my 15 y/o best buddy Bichon Mac, on Novox he could barely get around, it was obviously just walking was so painful for him. In just a couple days of treatment he was very much improved and back to his ole happy self. And Vet Depot has the best prices I have seen any where else.

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