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Reviews for Novox 25 mg, 180 Caplets (Carprofen) (1014119)

Extremely Helpful!!
Author: Brenda
My 6yr old King Charles Spaniel is very sore and crippled up often. This is the only product that seems to give him any kind of relief. I will continue to get this from Vet Depot, as their price is one third of my vet. Thanks VetDepot

From my dog, Heidi
Author: Nita
Location: Tucson, Arizona
H appy owner

A lways courteous in the Service Department

P rice Excellent

P lacing order was easy

Y es, She will do it again

D elivered quickly

O rder was speedy

G ood no more pain

Gave My 'Old Boy' Some More Life!
Author: Bonnie
Location: Beaver PA
When I first gave my 14 yr old lhaso this medicine...he started hopping like a puppie! Two years 16 he is still getting relief and with an increase...he remembered how to run (for a few steps) My Vet is not able to even get near to the great price I get here at Vetdepot.

Great price, super fast delivery!
Author: Blue
This purchase was super easy too! VetDepot did all the work. Delivery was very fast and the price was great. I will buy from them again and would recommend this company to anyone. My one beef is that I was charged when I placed my order and had to wait several days before my order was cleared for shipping. Other online purchases charge at time of shipment. No biggy, but a little annoying.

Great product & fast delivery!
Author: J Williams
Location: Lexington, SC
My little Ace is 13 years old and he's one happy camper since he received his medicine. Novox works wonderful for him and he's acting like a young puppy again. Vet Depot was fast, and has great service. We will definitely use them again.

Great Value
Author: Dog Lover
This item is a great value for the amount of product you receive. I have paid well over this elsewhere and was very happy to find it here at Vetdepot for this price. Thanks

Great, fast shipping!
Author: Yining
I ordered on 12/15/10 and received it 3 days later! Super fast!

Happy Customer
Author: Liddy Bit Mom
My vet is very accommodating and supports my purchasing pet maintenance drugs online in order to save money. Vet Depot BY FAR has the best price for the Novox I bought for my small dog. Ordering was easy, Pet Depot took care of contacting my vet for a prescription and delivery was very fast. I will definitely order from them again, as they also have a large number of other pet products that I like and use. Again, their prices are great. By ordering several items at one time, I can also get free shipping. Great prices, great customer service. I had a concern that was addressed within hours of my sending an email. The only thing I would change if I could would be to not charge my credit card until my order was ready to ship, rather than at the time of placing my order.

Overall, a very good experience, very courteous customer support, very fast delivery and excellent prices. What more could a pet owner ask for? :)

Helps my dog
Author: Claire
My dog is disabled. Novox along with her other medications helps her go for the walks she needs. We used Rimadyl in the past. Novox is cheaper and works just as well. The only downside is the caplets are not chewable.

My little, old girl loves it
Author: Alaine
She's moving so much better. She can't hear, but she sure can chase cats!

Norvox 25 mg. 180 Caplets
Author: joyce
Product has been extremelty effective in pain management for my shi-tzu.

Author: gesully
Location: Colorado
Novox is Novox is Novox. But the price is right and VetDepot delivered it quickly.

Novox 25 mg, 180 Caplets (Carprofen)
Author: Gary
VetDepot is the best!

Novox 25 mg, 180 Caplets (Carprofen)
Author: W N
Location: Chicago
Novox was prescribed by our vet for our dog. It has helped a lot with his back disc issues and arthritis. This generic formula is fine and the price is much better!

This medication is wonderful!
Author: Cheryl
Location: United States
This medication has helped my dog feel like a puppy again. It's a great alternative to the more expensive Rimadyl!

Author: gesully
Location: Centennial, CO
We have been giving 1 tablet with each evening meal to our two aging Pugs. The Rx helps ease their aches and pains.

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