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Reviews for needles 20 gauge x 1 in (1012872)

20 gauge needles
Author: Xingxang
Location: Ca
Perfect size for draining abdominal cysts in poultry. Easy access site with swift delivery.

20 gauge Terumo needles
Author: Linda
Location: KY
My 16 year old girl was diagnosed in renal failure last year and so began our daily afternoon time for Sub-Q fluids. She hated being stuck everyday as much as I hated sticking her! My little old girl turned from a sweet, calm dear into a flailing, biting mess when I tried inserting needles from the vet. Some friends informed me about the Terumo needles, so I took their advice and placed an order. I had my box of needles 4 days after I placed the order and I appreciate that each sterile needle is individually wrapped. The insertion of the Terumo needle was quick and smooth. No longer did I own a dog that went crazy from pain everyday for about 10 minutes!! Even if I make a 'mis-stick', with the reasonable cost of the needles, I don't worry about having to use a second needle. The drip is quick and our Sub-Q sessions are nearly pain free. I have placed two orders for the 20 gauge Terumo needles and will continue to order these as long as I have my sweet companion.

20 Guage needles
Author: Linda
We love the needles and so does my cat. They are a little slower dispensing the fluid but it is worth it not to hurt him in the process. The service was great and I will use VetDepot again

Great Price!
Author: Lily Kitty
Location: NC
I have been giving our 17+ year old kitty Sub-Q fluids for over a year now and have always used the Terumo needles. I was using the 18 gauge, which is much quicker for kitties that won't sit still long, but I felt bad because it was bigger. I switched to the 20 gauge and YES it does take longer, but it is smaller and less intrusive. The vet charged me 20 cents per needle, so definitely shopping for Sub-Q needles online is MUCH CHEAPER! I was very satisfied with VetDepot and the speed at which I received my order.

Great product - Great Shipping
Author: Catlover in NM
Location: New Mexico
I found this website through Google and had never ordered from them before. I needed the needles for my cat with CRF, and was hoping to get them quickly. I found just what I needed - with good product information on the website I might add, and the price was reasonable, as was shipping and they arrived quickly and in great condition. I will continue to use in the future!

Great product at a great price
Author: Roger
Location: Ohio
It's never a pleasant time when you have to stick sharp needles in your pet, but our elderly kitty needed subcutaneous fluids for kidney failure problems. We were getting needles from our vet at 25 cents apiece until we found these. These needles seem to have a more reliably fast steady drip than the previous needles from the vet. Service was great and order arrived very quickly.

Happy I Bought Them
Author: ricciap
Location: Woodstock, GA
I have to give my senior CRF cat fluids every day. These needles really glide in like butter. I do avoid repeatedly sticking her in the same spot, but still, my cat doesn't react at all to these needles. The fluids take a little bit longer to dispense, but really not that much longer.

Much better than the 18 gauge needles for my cat
Author: Terumo fan
My cat recently started subcutaneous fluids, and the 18 gauge needles were difficult for both her and me. I came across online suggestions to go with the Terumo 20 gauge needles, and am very very happy with the results. Ordering was easy, and they arrived very promptly; I will do business with VetDepot again.

Much more comfortable for my cat
Author: Daril
My 19-year old cat has kidney disease, and we've been giving him sub-q fluids every other day for almost 2 years. It was getting harder and harder with 18 gauge needles and causing him pain and stress each time. After just two weeks, the Terumo needles seem like a big improvement. He still doesn't like receiving the fluids, but he seems much more comfortable. Only con is that it takes a bit longer.

Needle wall too small!
Author: Nicole
I didn't realize when I bought these needles, that I was buying regular wall and not the ultra-thin wall. The needle gauge (20) is a lot easier on my cat, but the fluids took too long to go through using the regular wall. If you have an impatient animal needing fluids, make sure you are using the gauge (20) ultra-thin wall needles. The ultra-thin wall needles are a lot faster.

Needles 20 gauge x 1 in
Author: J. Colt
Location: USA
Great price on a good product. It arrived earlier than anticipated.

Needles 20 gauge x 1 in, Terumo, 100
Author: Kitty lover
Location: Wv
Much better reaction from my cat when inserted for sub q fluids. Fluid flow is a bit slower than the needles you get from the vet. I'm hoping to prevent scar tissue from forming with these easier to insert needles.

Needles 20 gauge x 1 in, Terumo, 100
Author: TJ
These are as stated. They worked fine to administer my dog's medicine (he is a medium/large dog, about 80 pounds).

Needles 20 gauge x 1 in, Terumo, 100
Author: Cirian's best friend
Location: Bahama, NC
I purchased these Terumo needles in order to make the daily subcutaneous fluids less painful for my cat, Cirian, who has very recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I had read online comments of other owners of cats with CRF/liver disease, that the thinner walls of this needle were much preferred for SQ fluids. I am grateful that these comments introduced me to these needles and that he didn't even notice the insertion of the needle after I switched to the Terumo. Please purchase these so that you can make SQ fluid therapy totally pain free for your dear little friend.

needles for saline drip
Author: diane
Location: so. cal
100 needles, very reasonable. These smaller needles were more comfortable for my cat when I put them in her neck. and the drip is still very fast, because I hang the saline bag from the ceiling fan, and sit on the floor --- gravity takes care of the rest.

If you make a mistake and have to re insert the needle, it is somehow already dull. You need to get another one. But don't mind as the price is right.

Author: Pet Lover
Location: Southern CA.
I saw these needles on a couple of blog sites created for people that have cats requiring fluids. The needles I have been using looked like harpoons to me. Using these makes this process a lot easier on my cat. Good quality product and a great price.

So much better than the generic needles!--plus consider 20 gauge vs. 18 for cats
Author: Debbie
After my small elderly cat began needing regular subcutaneous fluids because of severe renal failure, I did a lot of research about what could make the process better. I came across some people recommending the 20 gauge needles, particularly the Terumo brand, and switching to them made a huge difference in how easily the needle inserts and how little damage it does. The needles are of very consistent good quality, unlike the ones I previously was using where it seemed like every third one had some burrs on it or was not as sharp as it should be. I have made my vet aware of how good these needles are, and hope she starts recommending them as an alternative to the usual generic ones. I also was glad to take the extra couple of minutes for fluid delivery with the smaller (20 instead of 18) gauge needle as it was so much easier on my cat. Once I started warming the fluid bag (in a pan of warm water--never microwave!) and using these needles, giving the fluids actually became a time that she enjoyed. She just passed away after having severe kidney failure for almost two years, and I credit these needles as playing a key role in helping her have a good quality of life during that time.

Terumo 20 ga needles
Author: Love our cats
<p>I believe our cats' life and ours is improved because we are using the needles supplied by VetDepot. The service from this company is excellent. The relatively easy administration of fluids is definitely of benefit to Maggie and Katie. Each of our female kitties have health issues. Maggie has kidney disease, and her numbers are out of the danger zone. Katie has Lymphoma, and with the proper medication she had gained weight and continues to thrive. My husband, bless his heart, gives Maggie fluids every day, and Katie, every other day. We use a lot of needles.</p>

Terumo 20 gauge
Author: Judi
Location: MA
Made giving my cat his fluids so much easier. The previous needles were like a harpoon. These slide in gently and my cat isn't fighting with me during the treat.

Terumo 20 gauge needles are great!
Author: Franchi
Location: Colorado
Thanks VetDepot for your prompt shipping. These needles are great and so much easier for our cat! Thanks.

Terumo 20g needles
Author: Jen
These needles seem to work best for my cat. I've tried others such as an 18 gauge (in other brands) and these seemed to cause my cat great discomfort. And, since the process of giving fluids is stressful enough, I just wanted to make it as comfortable as possible for my cat. I highly recommend the Terumo, 20 gauge!

Very Easy Insertion
Author: Kelli
Location: Georgia
<p>These needles are virtually pain-free compared to the ones the vet gives me. It makes giving my girl Velvet her sub Q fluids much easier on her and me! Thank you so much for offering these needles at a very affordable price.</p>

Very Satisfied
Author: Toby
The shipment arrived really quickly, and the needles were exactly what I was looking for and at a very good price!

Vet Depot service and product quality
Author: Loucat
Location: Florida
I have a kitty with ESRD who needs subcutaneous fluids. Having read all that I could from others on the topic and also based on discussion with my vet, I purchased Terumo needles from VetDepot. The product is great and the service excellent. I would not hesitate to use VetDepot again. The price was better than my vet can provide and I know they will be there when I need them again. I am a nurse with 30+ years of experience and I am very cautious of anything I purchase related to healthcare needs. My sweet kitty deserves the best!

Works Great
Author: petlover
<p>They are not the same brand or packaging as the needles Banfield Pet Hospital sold me, but they work just the same.</p>

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