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Reviews for Missing Link Professional Veterinary Formula Canine Blend, 5 lb (1010910)

A real game changer!
Author: Joslyn
Our Doberman has had bad joints his whole life. He always clicked and cracked when he walked or stretched. It didn't seem to bother him but we didn't think that it was healthy. We found Missing Link about six years ago. We have fed it to him daily for all of this time. In just a few short weeks, he stopped all of the joint popping and moved with greater ease. He is now almost 11 years old and his joints are very healthy. This stuff worked miracles with our boy! Highly recommended and worth every penny we have paid over the years!

Great Product!
Author: Lindsey B.
Location: Gainesville, GA
I got really confused in my attempt to research what food was best to feed my dogs...there are so many options! With Missing Link I don't have to worry that they may not be getting the vitamins/nutrients they need. They both love it and it works well for both my 13 yr. old and my 4 mo. old puppy!

Great Supplement
Author: Cindy
Location: Plant City, FL
My dogs have been using this supplement for several years. They have very healthy coats. There are a lot of great ingredients in this little package!

Missing Link
Author: Molly Russell
Location: East Hill-Meridian, WA
This product is great if your dogs don't eat as well as they should or if you just want to make sure they are getting everything they need. Plus, it has probiotics in it, and I read that those are super healthy for digestion and for preventing stomach problems.

Missing Link
Author: Bernice
I have used this product for years, and notice difference in overall appearance when I run out.

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