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Reviews for Missing Link Recovery/Detoxification, 1 lb (1010943)

Author: weloveourbrowndog
Our Labrador Retriever mix, who is almost 11 years old, had some blood work done and we found that one of his liver enzymes was elevated. The Vet put him on this and he is a whole new dog. Not only did it lower his liver levels but his coat is shinier, his skin is better and his BMs are much better. Also, he LOVES this in his food. Thank you for making such a great product for our special family member!

Great Stuff
Author: Happy Dog Owner
Both dogs have skin issues and this product has fixed them. They love the taste and will not eat their food without it.

Great Stuff!
Author: Happy dog owner
This product has helped our dog with skin issues stop scratching and loosing fur. He loves the taste and will not eat without it on his food. Excellent product. Thanks to my vet for recommending this.

Missing Link Recovery/Detoxification
Author: Linda S.
Location: Florida
This product is wonderful! My holistic vet recommended it many years ago when I switched to B.A.R.F. for my dogs and cats. The product gives me confidence that my pets are getting the vitamins and trace minerals required in their diets. Some of my animal are considered "aged" yet they thrive on their diets and Missing Link. Their coats are soft and shiny, and they are all in remarkable health. Missing Link has enabled me to avoid the chemicals and "garbage" included in commercial foods; I make my own pet foods and have the confidence that Missing Link provides the extras that keep my pets healthy and thriving.

Missing Link restores Hair Growth
Author: jim wolfe
Location: 47172
My Standard Poodle's skin had become very dry and scaly, with hair growth just absolutely stopping. We tried several treatments. Then a new vet suggested we add Missing Link recovery to his food nightly. After about three weeks the dog's skin became oilier and more hair started growing. It will never be the beautiful curly coat it was but this is a great start.

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