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Reviews for Methimazole 5 mg, 100 Tablets (1010038)

Thank You VetDepot!
Author: Karen
My vet was charging me $35 for 50 Methimazole. I bought them here for less than $10! I know my vet must have been buying them from Ve Depot and marking them up, because I had to wait 5-6 days for the vet to "get them in stock".

When ever your vet prescribes meds for your animals, ask instead for a written prescription and buy them direct from VetDepot!!

Thank you!
Author: Marni
I received speedy, excellent service, prompt responses to my questions and best of all, a smokin' price for my cat's prescription. You have an extremely staisfied customer who will be ordering from your site again.

Thanks for being there Petdepot
Author: Kim
Location: Richmond,ca
I have been giving my Peanut this med for a year and walgreens switched companys the meds were not the same so I found Petdepot and they used Par.I have switched to Vetdepot for Peanuts meds Vetdepot has great service ,prices,and you cant beat shipping.Thanks Vetdepot for being there.

The Happy Cat Named Emily
Author: George Bentley
Location: Harrison, Ohio
My cat is a happy cat and takes her Methimazole 5 mg pill with excellent results. I feed our cat 3 times a day. Emily doesn't mind when I crush up the pill and mix it in her food. I used to purchase her medications at the vet at a very high cost but when I found out that there was a huge savings by purchasing them from VetDepot online, I tried it and that was years ago. Our Emily is a happy cat and still going strong at 17 years old. I love the customer service and have never been dissatisfied. My wife and I are completely satisfied and I hope you will be too. Give them a try. We believe you will be happy you did and save money at the same time.

George & Rose Bentley

The price is right!
Author: Bubba
Location: Illinois
Bad enough to have to pill a cat twice daily, but to pay more than necessary would be worse.

The right med at an outstanding price!
Author: Jon
Location: Maplewood, MO
My cat has a hyperthyroid, and her vet has prescribed methimazole for some time. I had been buying the generic from a different source than Vet Depot, that company went out of business. So, I shopped around and found Vet Depot offered the equivalent generic for about half the price I had been paying, which up until then I thought was a great price. Service was good and the meds are fine.

The right product at a great price
Author: Rikki
Location: Ft. Worth, TX
This is my first order with Vet Depot. Everything was handled flawlessly, from the contact with my vet to the prompt shipment. The bottle is fresh product dated out to 2014. Thanks!

They care
Author: Dan
Location: Illinois
I didn't have to call my vet, they did it for me, and the price is very good. Thanks Dan

This medicine has kept my cat alive
Author: George Bentley
Location: harrison, ohio
My cat Emily has regained her weight thanks to Methimazole and the deliveries are on-time and less cost than I could have imagined. A great company with great leadership.


This medicine resurrected the life within my cat
Author: Pat
Location: NJ
My cat was losing weight rapidly and until all the test came back I was in fear of losing her. With the diagnosis and this medicine she has recovered and I am very grateful. Even more so when I found the medicine on the website instead of paying the fee at doctor's office and very happy with the speed of service. One thing was surprised is on my reorder the pills were in a different bottle and much larger making it a little more difficult getting down my cat's throat. She is bribed with treats so eventually they get swallowed, but it may take a few more attempts and persuasion.

This thyroid medicine is keeping my 15 yr old Orange Tabby healthy and happy.
Author: Bill
Location: North Carolina
<p>This thyroid medicine is keeping my 15 yr old Orange Tabby healthy and happy. Her vet prescribed 1/4 pill every 12 hours. I have found the shape

of this pill with its flat sides can more easily be split into 4 doses than the

round sided pills made by another manufacturer.</p>

Thyroid Med
Author: Lori
Location: Phoenix, AZ
VetDepot provided fast delivery of this med prescribed for my cat. The price is the lowest I found on the internet which is the only way to afford pet prescriptions. Thanks you for your wonderful support.

Very Happy
Author: Jessica
Location: MA
We were very happy to find Vet Depot online, and even more so when we found out we could buy the same product for so much less than what we were paying for at the vets office. Our vet charged us $50. for a months worth (60 pills) So we are very happy, that our cat can still have its meds, and we don't have to pay as much.

Very Pleased
Author: Amy
This medication is working very well for my older cat's thyroid problem. I'm also very pleased to be able to purchase this from VetDepot at a discounted price.

Very pleased
Author: Nancy/CJ
Location: Sullivan,NH
I am so happy there is a company out there like It saves me money and the fast service makes it easy for me to tell everyone how great they are. Thank you for being there for those of us that need you and for reducing the mailing packaging.

Very Pleased!
Author: Andrea W.
Location: Savannah, GA
I must say I have been very pleased with how easy it was to order a prescription med for my cat through this site! The turn around time was very quick and the communication about delivery was more than adequate! I have just received my second order! I will definitely continue to use them! Best price I could find on the Methimazole 5mg!!

Very Pleased!
Author: Aloula
I searched online for this medication for my cat and discovered VetDepot with a price of about half of what my vet charged. My vet wouldn't offer a price match so I placed the order with VetDepot. They sent an email to confirm my order and called my vet for the prescription. When I called VetDepot to make sure they got the info needed from the vet I was told that the order was already on it's way. I received the order a few days after that! I'm very happy with VetDepot!

Very reliable and very good delivery.
Author: Pat
Location: nevada
<p>Very reliable and very good delivery. Would highly recommend.</p>

Vet Depot is convenience and savings
Author: Missy's Dad
Location: US
Vet Depot offers the same dosage of methimazole at a fraction of what my cat's vet charged. VetDepot's staff contacted my cat's vet and obtained the prescription for me. The tablets are easy to split, and are effective in treating my cat's hyperthyroidism. Thanks, VetDepot!

Vet Depot is the best!
Author: Stacey
Location: Los Angeles, CA
I love the convenience of getting my cat Scarlett's Methimazole through the mail...and Vet Depot's price is $23.00 cheaper than my Veterinarian's office! Can't beat that. Excellent order-to-shipping time as well.

VetDepot Offers Great Prices
Author: Luann73
Location: Columbia, PA
I have ordered numerous times from VetDepot because their products are so much cheaper than products purchased from my veterinarian.

VetDepot Rocks!
Author: Lorrayne
I will be buying all my stuff from VetDepot from now on - I searched high and low and this site has by far the best prices on everything. Shipping is always quick and the customer service is great. Thank you, VetDepot! Oh, and the medicine works too!

Way cheaper than my vet!
Author: Beth
My vet prescribed this medication for my cat for his hyperthyroidism. I payed him $30 for 30 pills. I found the same exact medication on VetDepot for 1/4 of the price, including shipping!!!

We love VetDepot!
Author: Loretta
Location: upstate New York
Great service.

Great price.

You help keep Midnight healthy and happy.

What a deal!
Author: carolyn
Location: toledo
My Vet was charging so much more. Fast Shipping too!

Author: momto3cats
Location: RI
Best price I have found anywhere on the web. Afterall, my cat is going to be on this med for the rest of his life. Last price I paid was $74 for same quantity and made in Barbados. I like that these meds are made in the US. Reasonable shipping costs and good delivery. I will be ordering again! Thanks.

Will purchase again
Author: Erika
I definitely recommend VetDepot and will purchase from them again. Their prices are great and I received the medication quickly.

Working great. Great price
Author: Rachel
Location: Ny
This medication works great, my kitty was eating incredible amounts, meowing in all sorts of ways and didn't seem happy. Now she I back to her old self and she is doing well.

I'm really happy with the product, the price, the ease of ordering, and how quickly it was delivered to my home. I found the customer service to be very helpful and very on the ball.

Author: DaCheeze
My 22 year old ancient cat has been on this brand for a year and is still doing fine.. he has hyperthyroid and is this keeps it at bay. Price is great, better than Petmeds.

Works great
No complaints at all about this product. Very satisfied. Plus, Vet Depot is amazing to work with.

Works Well
Author: Juli
Meds were easy to order and delivered quickly. My cat's thyroid level rapidly improved as did her symptoms. Best price online.

World Class Customer Service!
Author: Carol Skelton-Sensenig
Location: Acworth Georgia
The product is what it is. It arrives on time. I've been buying it from VetDepot now for a year. It works, I'm happy. What is truly impressive though, is your customer service. You contacted me when my vet refused the order initially. And, you followed up to let me know that the issue between my vet and you had been resolved. This was above and beyond the call of duty. I really appreciated that because my cat's meds are important. Thank you. I love VetDepot!

Would Definitely Use VetDepot Again!
Author: eliday
Location: TN
I have never ordered a prescription for any of my pets through a website so I was hesitant. But with our budget being tight and VetDepot having the lowest price online I took a chance. I checked with my vet to prepare them I was ordering a refill from an online company. Just a few days later my cat's medication arrived. It truly was a no hassle experience, at the best price available and with good email updates on the progress. It's nice to find a company who's service performance matches their advertising.

You can't beat the price and it helps my dear old cat
Author: Susan Z
Location: California
My vet charges $56 for the very same thing. Why? Because they only order a small amount. Understandable sure but I gotta tell you I was thrilled to find this medication on VetDepot for such a great price. I have 5 rescued animals so it gets expensive taking care of them. VetDepot's prices help. Their customer service is great and I received my order very quickly. A winning combination for me.

You keep my cat healthy at a great price!
Author: Loretta
Location: Marion, NY
When the vet prescribed Methimazole for my cat, Midnight, I knew I could not afford the price she charged. A friend told me about Vet Depot and when I checked into the medicine, I was amazed at the price. Now I can have a healthy cat at a great price. Also, the medicine doesn't take very long to get to me. Thanks very much.

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