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Reviews for Mometamax Otic Suspension, 15 gm (1013909)

Cheap Ear Infection Fix
Author: A. Watriguez
Location: Long Beach, CA
It never fails we have one or two outbreaks each year so my husband found this online and we keep it around. It seems to relieve the ear pain as it heals so my pug stays happy. I recommend it.

Good product for problem ears
Author: Jill
My vet had originally given me this medication for my golden retriever puppy in the office. It worked well, but months later his ear became infected again. I searched online to find a better price. I am very pleased with VetDepot and would purchase from them again. It's the same exact medication, but less expensive. It works!

love it
Author: Wrigley's mom
Location: Chicago
My dog gets really bad ear infections & this meds has done the trick every time.

Author: Roberta
Location: Wisconsin
One of my puppy mill rescues has repeated ear problems I'm sure due to living for years in such filthy conditions. Mometamax is great for clearing up the infection in a day or two. VetDepot's price is excellent and very prompt delivery. I'll be back to reorder when I'm getting low on product.

Mometamax otic suspension
Author: Nancy
As always, best place to buy this. I have an old cat with an autoimmune disease and she gets terrible rashes that turn into ear infections when she scratches...Mometamax always clears her up after her steroid shots, and VetDepot ALWAYS the best place to get it.

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