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Reviews for MaxiGuard OraZn Pet Dental Care, 2 oz (1016187)

Great Product
Author: Debora N
Location: Summerfield, FL
I have been using MAXI GUARD OraZn for my 14 & 15 year old cats since they were kittens. It helps neutralize bacteria and bad breath immediately if used regularly. I also use it with the CET tiny cat toothbrushes.

Remember - never force an animal but go slowly and stop when they've had enough. Mine aren't crazy about it - but being slow and patient at least makes it bearable for them.

It's easier to do with the cat on a bed or on a counter next to a wall where they can't back up. Put a small amount on your finger, tip the cats' head back, lift the side of the mouth and GENTLY rub it on the top gums. They will want to chew so be careful they don't accidentally get your finger. You have to work fairly quickly as the gel will run off your finger and get all over the cat.

The instructions say to wait at least 10 minutes before feeding. I do this before bed so it has a chance to work.

Author: DC
Location: Fl.
Tried using this for my 2 small dogs, upon a friend's recommendation. Noticed improvement in breath odor.

MaxiGuard OraZn Pet Dental Care
Author: Susan
Location: Texas
I bought this upon the recommendation of the veterinarian after a teeth cleaning. It is easy to apply, much easier than brushing. My pug accepts it without trouble. I wish it was a little thicker because it drips if you can't get it on the back teeth immediately. It is a gel, though. It seems expensive for just 2 ounces but the price at Vet Depot was competitive.

MaxiGuard OraZn Pet Dental Care
Author: DJC
Location: Florida
Purchased this upon recommendation from a friend. Have not used it long, but have seen some improvement in my 2 small dogs dental hygiene. Friend tells me that your price is better than where she was getting the product previously.

OraZn lives up to its billing
Author: Barry
Location: Michigan
Our one-year-old cat was diagnosed as needing a dental because of plaque build-up. After the dental, we began giving two drops of OraZn each night. The cat, now two, takes the OraZn without complaint, especially as tooth time is followed by five treats.

The product was first recommended by his vet. OraZn seems to be doing what it claims: minimizing plaque

Protects gum and tooth health
Author: P. Domingo
Location: Online
This stops inflammation to make your pet's mouth more comfortable while also fighting bacteria and tooth decay.

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