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Reviews for Liqui-Tinic 4x Vitamin Supplement for Dogs and Cats, 2 oz (1016351)

Author: Alleen
Location: Indiana
This has really helped my cat's health improve, and his coat is much shinier. I highly recommend this.

Excellent product!
Author: Richard P.
Location: North Carolina
In January 2012 my male cat, Diego, was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF). One of the problems the testing brought to light was a low hematocrit count (red blood cells) and the vet recommended the Liqui-Tinic 4X vitamin and iron supplement. Diego has been receiving it twice daily for almost 2 years now after each meal (like many vitamins, it can cause digestive upset on an empty stomach). It's easy to measure and administer and we're done in seconds. Even though there is no cure for Diego's CRF he recently had his hematocrit count checked and it has improved!

Great stuff!!
Author: Sam
Location: St. George UT
Our Cocker Spaniel, Choco, has to eat a Rx food as he has digestive trouble that began several years ago. At the time our Vet advised also to use Liqui-Tinic 4x as a supplement for Choco. We just dribble the correct dosage onto his food rather than trying to put it in his mouth. How's Choco doing you ask? Just fantastic thank you! Last visit our Vet commented on what great shape Choco was in considering his age and what he'd been through. I figure a great deal of credit for that is because of his intake of LT-4x.

Helpful supplement to combat lethargy in cats
Author: Carly
Location: West Hollywood, CA
My 9-year-old cat was being unusually lethargic. After testing his blood, urine and bladder for any abnormalities, we found nothing that could explain my cat's lack of energy and social engagement. My vet suggested we try this supplement, and I've been using it for the past two months. I've noticed a great improvement in his energy level! He is engaged and social and much more active. He just seems happier. Which makes me happy!

Liqui-Tinic 4x Flavored Vitamin and Iron Supplement for Dogs and Cats, 2 oz
Author: Dironah
The price is outstanding for this product. My vet had put my cat on this to keep her iron up. It's working and at this price, I can AFFORD to keep her on it! Thanks!

Liqui-Tinic 4x Flavored Vitamin and Iron Supplement for Dogs and Cats, 2 oz
Author: Mary
Location: Spring Texas
I had to buy this product from the vet prior to finding VetDepot. It was very expensive and he suggested I order it online. I have been getting it from you all and she takes a drop every morning along with cooked liver and she is pretty much normal. Thank you for the great fast service and having the product at a price that people can afford.

Liqui-Tinic 4x Flavored Vitamin and Iron Supplement for Dogs and Cats, 2 oz
Author: slammin'sam42
Our beloved cocker spaniel Choco's immune system is destroying his red blood cells. He has responded to treatment quite well and is on his way to defeating the disease. The drugs are taking a toll on him so Doc recommended giving him L-T 4x. It certainly perked him up but Doc's price was pricey. VetDepot came to the rescue at almost 50% less to make if affordable for us.

Liqui-Tinic 4X helps Diego!
Author: Richard
Location: North Carolina
My 12 year old cat, Diego, developed kidney problems. One of the symptoms was a low hematocrit count (% of red blood cells in blood). My vet recommended Liqui-Tinic 4X as part of Diego's therapy, especially for the iron. Sure enough, several weeks later the new blood work showed that his hematocrit count had improved and stabilized! My vet credits Liqui-Tinic for that improvement.

The only precaution one needs to take is to administer the vitamins after your pet has eaten. Otherwise it might cause an upset stomach.

Liqui-tinic 4x saved my cat's life!
Author: love my cats
I have a 12 year old male cat. He was not eating and was losing a lot of weight. His coat was looking very shabby. He wasn't washing much of the time. I called my vet who tested his blood and found low rbc, wbc, etc. We started the cat on the liqui-tinic and within days he has perked up considerably. It is now 3 weeks and he is starting on the second bottle. His blood work just came back normal. Let me tell you, we thought he had leukemia. He was just anemic and now he plays like a kitten again, washes regularly, eats everything, and his coat is soft and beautiful now. Thanks to Liqui-tinic I have my beloved pet back again!

Liqui-Tinic 4x Vitamin Supplement -- It works wonders!
Author: Vanessa
Location: Hutto, Texas
We were first introduced to Liqui-Tinic 4x supplement by our vet when one of our male cats became very anemic. He was so lethargic, wouldn't play and had lost his appetite. After just 3 days on Liqui-Tinic we saw dramatic improvement! Since then we have given it to one of our kittens as well as our 16 year old female cat. In each case, a daily dose for about a week brought them back to normal with results noticed in just about 72 hours.

We have started ordering the Liqui-Tinic from VetDepot. It is so much cheaper than a visit to the vet and works wonders! The price was good, delivery was quick, and no prescription required.

Liqui-Tinic 4x Vitamin Supplement for Dogs and Cats, 2 oz
Author: Thelma
Location: Corryton, Tn
We've had our 11yr. old cockapoo for almost 2 yrs. At his first check up he was found to have a low red blood count which leads to anemia. The vet put him on the liqui tinic 4X twice a day, which is quiet pricey. He said that at this point dogs are already on the treatments for it. He is checked often and is holding his own. The vet is amazed and is giving the LT4X credit. VetDepot came to our rescue for a reasonable price.

Older cat with kidney problems
Author: Linda L.
Location: Danvers, MA
This product is very easy to administer and does not have a bad taste. Your animal will swallow it easily. Older pets need vitamins to keep them going. Cats who have kidney problems do well on this product and regain energy that had been lost. An excellent product and very good company to purchase from.

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