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Reviews for Kong Toy, Blue, Large 30-65 lbs (1016454)

American Bulldog puppy likes it!
Author: Angie
Location: Dandridge, TN
I was looking for something to keep our 6 month old American Bulldog puppy occupied. This toy is doing a good job so far. I spread a small amount of peanut butter inside and fill it with broken treats and one large dog biscuit. I do not buy the special squeeze stuff to go in it.

He works on it for as long as the treats last and some times goes back and tries to get what he may have missed the first time. It is holding up well so far. Time will tell just how durable it is.

Blue Kong
Author: Jennie
Location: Richmond, Va
My 7 1/2 year old is spoiled rotten, figured what is one more toy... :D But I was really suprised at her getting the treats out of it...She is playful, but suffers from Separation issues...this so far has kept her intertained more that the other toys, Thanks!!

One toy - two figure it out
Author: travelgoddess
Location: Colorado
Yes, our two pups love this, but I only bought ONE. What was I thinking?

Safer and more durable
Author: TLK
Location: Pittsburgh
I adopt senior dogs - collies and shelties. I also work long hours several days a week, and often spend days off grocery shopping, gardening, etc. My older dogs mostly sleep, but they needed something to challenge their brains while I'm not around to entertain them. The red and the black Kongs, stuffed with a combination of peanut butter, homemade chicken jerky and sweet potato chips, never lasted more than 6 weeks before the inner edge of became ragged. Because my dogs could pull off and swallow those rubber bits, the Kongs had to be replaced frequently. Enter these blue Kongs. I purchased my first medium and small Kongs in January, and I have only just replaced them! While the dogs seem to be able to get to the interior goodies more quickly, the softer rubber doesn't damage as easily, so these blue Kongs are saving me quite a bit of money. They are also easier to locate in dark hiding places than the black Kongs, an additional benefit for me. I've recommended them to owners of active chewers in dog behavioral groups I oversee, and to friends with bored chewers left at home.

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