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Reviews for Iverhart Plus for Dogs 1-25 lbs, Blue, 6 Pack (1010725)

Iverhart Plus for Dogs 1-25 lbs
Author: Tiff T
Location: Southport, NC
Both our Goldendoodle & Cockapoo love taking their Iverhart pill.

We like the "lower than some others" price.

It's great to work with Vet Depot!

Easy to use, good value
Author: Caryn
I switched to Iverhart Plus for several reasons. I was giving a chewable brand to my dogs until lately I've gotten more than one package that had at least one dose that was dried so hard the dogs couldn't eat it. That brand was also more expensive than Iverhart. I have foster dogs and will end up administering heartworm preventative more often than once per month for multiple dogs as they come through my home. I often give a dose to adopters so they have something on hand when their adoptee's next dose is due. I put the Iverhart Plus in Pill Pockets and haven't had a single dog balk at taking their monthly "treat".

Excellent product
Author: Rottie owner
I have a 120 lb Rottie and he looks forward to these 'treats' each month! He comes running when he hears me popping them out of package! Because of his weight, he gets one of these and one for the largest weight to equal his 120 lb! I have ordered several times from you guys and always get great service and delivery!!

Good deal!
Author: Diane
I got the items in good time and saved money compared to buying it from the vet. I will continue to buy from this vendor and I love saving money and not getting ripped off by the vet. If you want the same product the vets give you, but want to save your precious hard earned money, while doing the best for your pets, then buy your heartworm preventative meds from VetDepot. You can do right by your beloved pet and save money too.

Great Site
Author: Damaris
I heard about this site online and had to check it out for myself. I now purchase my dog's heartworm pills from here. I love it. It is right up my price range. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself. You will be satisfied and happy. I know my dog is!

Iverhart Plus
Author: Janice
I have been purchasing this product for several years and find it to be great in protecting my dog. I have a small creek close by so he certainly needs protection. His vet appointments show he is free of heart worms. There are no ill side effects for my dog, although he refuses to chew them, so I crush them and mix the pill with a soft dog food. I am very pleased with VetDepot as my supplier. They are very dependable and quick to refill my order. I would recommend this prevention to all dog owners.

Iverhart Plus
Author: Hollie
Location: Palm Beach, Florida
Both of our Jack Russels eat these like a treat with no problem and I haven't found it cheaper anywhere online.

Iverhart Plus
Author: Melissa J. Terrell
Location: Northwest Alabama
A+ Item

My dogs get wormed once a month with this and they have no worms, plus it keeps the heart healthy.

Bonus is the pric.

Iverhart Plus for Dogs 1-25 lbs, Blue, 6 Pack
Author: Patti
Location: Florida
We have used this product for many years for our 8 yr. old

bichon. She loves the flavor and thinks it is a real treat, which it is,

since it helps keep her healthy. As soon as VetDepot received the

prescription this product was immediately shipped. And VetDepot has

the best price available on line!

Iverhart Plus for Dogs 1-25 lbs, Blue, 6 Pack
Author: Anthony
This product we used for several years and we are pleased. Thank you for the great service we will place a new order as needed. Thank you so much!

My Dog loves it!
Author: Lorraine
Location: phoenix az
Finally I don't have to break up a big chewable for my miniature poodle. These are small and he loves iverhart. The price was great and fast shipping!

My JRT Approves
Author: C L Valentine
Location: Maryland
My Dog loved the flavor and readily took his dose. And I saved $!

Fast service! I will be a returning Customer to both Product and Supplier!

One of the best options for heartworm protection
Author: RescueMom
Location: United States
Our dogs look forward to the first of every month, when we administer their heartworm preventative. Iverhart Plus is one of the best products available for its price and ease of use.

Price is right
Author: Cathy
Location: Austin, TX
The cost of heartworm meds at the vet is out of site. This product is priced just right and give my dog all the protection she needs. While I have to buy flea, worm protection separately, I still save money!

Quick service
Author: Beth
Location: Mississippi
I got this product quickly and package was in great shape. Good price too.

Very happy
Author: Damaris
Location: Bx, ny
I am very happy with this site. I get what I need for my pets and the prices are unbeatable! My dog takes his heartworm pills every month thanks to VetDepot!

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