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Reviews for Iverhart Max for Dogs 6-12 lbs, Purple, 6 Pack (1016141)

Great dewormer and preventative!
Author: Jenny C
This product is a monthly heartworm preventative that also kills roundworms, hookworms AND tapeworms. No other heartworm preventatives get tapeworms - which are carried by rodent feces or by fleas. It does not get whipworms. The price is fantastic. Tapeworm medicine alone often costs this much, let alone also having heartworm prevention and hook/round prevention. If you have recurrent problems with fleas your dogs might get recurrent tapes so this is a great option for you, and what a good price!

Iverhart Max
Author: Deb Mitchell
Location: Shelby, NY
Really great and effective worm treatment. Gets rid of all the problems to keep your dog healthy. I'm so glad I found it.

Iverhart Max for Dogs 6-12 lbs, Purple, 6 Pack
Author: Josh
Location: Asheville, NC
I was able to get the same great product as I get from my vet, only for less $ with! Thanks :)

Author: Joyce Witt
Location: Rockdale
Thrilled with the quick service and the cost of the product. Same product as the vet but a lot cheaper. Will be back!

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