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Reviews for Iverhart Max for Dogs 25-50 lbs, Green, 6 Pack (1016143)

A necessary evil
Author: JO
Location: Largo, FL
I consider this medication to be a necessary evil. There is NO WAY my dog would chew these! He will not even take a treat from me unless I wash my hands first. They also give him diarrhea for a day or two. But on the flip side... he does not have parasites which exist all year long in Florida and can be fatal.

Cost effective protection
Author: Trilby
Location: Arizona
I couldn't afford the heartworm preventive from my vet. She suggested I go online. I found VetDepot and noted the cost effective price on IverHart, as well as it's broadbased parasitic protection. The only draw back is that it doesn't protect from whip worm, but I doubt that's a problem in my area. I also liked that the 12 tab pack was double the cost of the six tab pack making it more attractive for me to purchase the product 6 tabs at a time, much more economically possible for me.

Great price and delivered at home on time.
Author: Phil - Seattle
Location: Seattle, WA
Great price and delivered at home on time.

Iverhart Max
Author: Justine
Recommended by my vet so I use it. Feed to dogs in dog food. Use because I have to. I prefer not to give my dogs meds with side effects.

Iverhart Max also controls tapeworms - a big plus
Author: Lisa
Location: north Mississippi
Our dogs had been started on a different heart worm preventative, which worked fine. It was only after one of the dogs showed evidence of tapeworms that we switched to Iverhart Max. Both dogs continue to test negative for heart worms.

Return Customer
Author: Returnee
Location: Fort Bragg, CA
<p>I have ordered this heartworm product several times before and always return. You can't find a better price and the shipping is fast.</p>

Same as vet prescribed,
Author: Nate
Same as vet prescribed, but $20 cheaper!

So glad I found Vetdepot
Author: Mindy
Location: St. Louis, MO
I was using Sentinel for my Puggle until it became unavailable. My vet suggested Heartgard for the alternative. I found this site because of the best price for Heartgard and found the generic alternative that I have not seen before. I am sure it will be just fine. But have to say Vetdepot is quick, calling my vet for approval, and shipped fast plus emailed me along the way. Great company and I will certainly use you for other things I need in the future. Thanks

Works great
Author: Leslie
Location: Utah
I had my dogs on Heartgard for a long time and our old Vet in Oregon told us this was better so they have been on it for 2 years and have not had any problems with it. It is great and cost less than at the Vet.

This one is for my mini Schnauzer.

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