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Reviews for Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs, Chicken, 30 Tablets (1016503)

Great product
Author: Unknown
Wonderful product for getting pills in picky dogs

Greenies Pill Pockets
Author: Dorothy
I have multiple dogs on multiple meds. Very convenient for dosing meds and good value.

Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs
Author: Jeanette
Location: Hendersonville NC
By far and away the best trick to get your dog to take medicine. My dog used to spit out his pill from whatever I tried to hide it in until I found the pill pockets. Now he sits and waits for his pill and thinks its a treat!

Pill pockets
Author: Julie
Good for my finicky JR terrier who won't take any pills without being buried in some type of treat. I've used chicken and beef. She can taste or smell the pill in the chicken sometimes easier than in the beef.

Super price
Author: xlindatx
Location: Richardson TX
I have purchased pill pockets at stores, the vets and online. You have the best prices on pill pockets. More important, the bags were marked with expire dates of a year out.

Why Didn't I think of this?
Author: RonG
Location: So. California
Pill Pockets are the obvious solution to giving your dog his or her pill or tablet. How many many times have I searched a piece of cheese, meat, anything to hide the pill that my dog would spit out without major camouflage? We found these Pill Pockets in our Vet's office and absolutely loved the convenience and our dog loves the taste -- chicken or beef. But when it came to buy more, I wasn't excited about paying close to $10 at the vet. So we found Vet Depot, and were quite content to pay their price, and even buy several bags at each order.

There are 30 pockets in each bag. Note the size type of the Pill Pockets -- tablets and capsules. Capsules are quite large, tablets are smaller. Thee size is stated in the description and on the bag picture online, so do be aware. I strongly recommend Pill Pockets as the easy way to keep your dog healthy.

Wonderful Product!
Author: B Dunlap
Location: Pahrump, NV
It's so easy to get our 8 pound Yorkie to take his pills now. He seems to be more cautious of the first pill pocket we give him so we break it in half and put the pill in the second one. We squish the pill pocket around the pill and for the empty one, squish it until it's similarly squished. We give him the empty one first, and he eats it, then the second one with the pill in it and he gulps it down. Works like a charm! It seems our dog prefers the chicken version, but he will eat both without any issues. He is cautious the first few times he gets the different flavor but then he's fine. This is genius!

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