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Reviews for Greenies Pill Pockets for Cats Chicken Flavor, 45 ct (1013945)

Amazing product
Author: Jenny
Location: New York
3 cats, 4 baby foster kitties...some quirky and fussy but ALL of them LOVE, love,love these Pill Pockets! I break a few up give as treats and then give with the needed medications. If needed, I will quarter the pills (if that is allowed with the medication you are administering) and give each piece in a pocket so they don't suspect. No stress or pill waste, this is a great product!!

Ease of use
Author: Carol
Location: New Mexico
Recently my cat was diagnosed with a thyroid conditon, which constituted him receiving daily medication. We tried a few various ways of giving him the pill with mixed results, so finally decided to try Greenies Pill Pockets. At first he wasn't too keen on taking the pill pocket, but I found if I made the pill pocket as small as possible and still be able to place the pill inside, that he would accept it with his other food. Now he eats the pill pocket without much trouble. Something to consider is that he is over 18 years old, and virtually has no teeth. Great product to try.

Author: louise
Location: Colorado
Both my cats and dogs love these. Quick, easy and enjoyable way to give them their medicine. I have two cats on thyroid medication and don't know how I would do it without Pill Pockets.

Author: Juli
Works like a charm. Really helps get the meds down. My kitty loves the taste. Great price on Vetdepot

Great for getting the kitties to take their pills
Author: ecka
These make it so much easier to get our cat to take her pills. Just hide it in the pill pocket and she eats it right up!

Author: mia
my cat loves these. i just use a third of each one for her pills so not to waste them. highly recommended for medicated a cat.

Greenie Pill Pockets / Cats
Author: betty & Lola
Location: Idaho
<p>Thankfully, Lola the Cat likes these things. It's made it so much easier to get that nightly pill down her. We both like each other better these days. I give it her in the middle of a quick stream of her very favorite treats, those Temptation things. Just rattle the bag and she's ready!</p><p>The last two bags I've bought, though, have been dry-ish upon opening. One bag online here, one bag in person from PetSmart. I know they get dry if you leave the bag open on accident, but they shouldn't be that way right when they are opened!</p><p>Lola and I will keep using them, but I'd like to be able to use the whole bag before they stop closing around the pill like they should...</p>

Greenies Pill Pockets for Cats Chicken Flavor
Author: LydiatheCat
Location: Lakewood CO
We've been using pill pockets for at least 3 years now. It's a great way for our 19 1/2 year old cat to take her thyroid pill. We use one in the morning and one at night and our cat actually looks forward it.

Vet Depot has an excellent price for pill pockets and we normally order a dozen packages at a time.

Greenies Pill Pockets for Cats Chicken Flavor, 45 ct
Author: Janice
Half the price as at the vets. But most of all product is much fresher my cat takes his meds GREAT now. He is 17 yrs old and it was a struggle to give meds before Pill Pockets. We both LOVE them me for ease Ziggy for taste.

Author: Claudia
Location: MD - Maryland
<p>This is a great way to give my cat her thyroid medicine twice a day. The Greenies pill pockets are delicious and cheaper on this website!!!</p>

Makes meds easy
Author: Laura
I have 2 cats who need daily medications. These pill pockets make it very easy to get them to take their pills. Both cats love the pill pockets and never spit out or refuse their medication. They will even stop eating their regular food to go after their "treats." I can't imagine how I would get by without them.

My cats loves these things.
Author: Howard
Location: Pa
The best thing ever. Makes giving my cats medicine a breeze. They don't even know there is a pill inside. My oldest goes nuts when he sees me take out the bag.

Sassy's Mama is happy!
Author: Sassy's Mama
Location: Plantation, FL
This is magical! I was struggling to give Sassy her morning Denamarin pill and then decided to try this! OMG, magic! She loves the taste and can't wait to eat it. And Vet Depot delivers so quickly - it's all very convenient and it works!! I'm one happy cat mama.

Take some of the stress out of pill time.
Author: Ag Teacher
Location: Northern IL
One of my cats requires Denamarin daily and while I have little trouble popping a pill down his sweet little gullet the pill pocket makes him think he's getting a treat so we use it as a reward. He shows little preference for flavor but I really miss the hypoallergenic duck/pea flavor as my cat's on a hypoallergenic prescription diet for IBD and also has asthma so I try to eliminate all potential allergens.

Thank goodness
Author: Linda
Location: Rocklin CA
This is a great way to give my cat her thyroid medicine twice a day. The Greenies pill pockets are soooo much cheaper on this website!!!

The girls love these!
Author: Zoecat
Location: New Mexico
I have two cats (a mother and daughter) who are now in their senior years. They need to take thyroid medication and using these pill pockets make the dosing very easy.

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