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Reviews for Goodwinol Ointment, 1 oz (1010664)

Awesome Stuff!
Author: Forest
Location: texas
Some years ago a vet told me about this stuff for red mange.It works wonderfully for early treatment.If you use this product while your dog has small spots and before it gets all over the dog it clears it right up! Also buying it here is more cost effective than from the vet.The price is so very affordable. Get you some!!!!!!

Goodwinol is the best
Author: Rebecca G
Location: Tucson AZ
My dog at age 7 got a hot spot. Tried some hot spot meds from pet store and they didn't help. I rescued him from the Dallas SPCA as a 6 month old puppy and looked at his records I kept-Goodwinol was used on him as a puppy so found Vet Depot online and ordered it. Hot spot is now gone! Yay! I'm ordering another tub to keep on hand just in case. Bravo!

Goodwinol Ointment
Author: Lori
Location: NM, USA
My vet prescribed this and in less than 1 month this ointment cleared up my Chihuahua's non-contagious mange. Ointment does need to be applied each day and rubbed in at length. A no-lick collar should be worn for at least two weeks to keep pet from licking and scratching mites while they are being killed. GOOD PRODUCT

Goodwinol Ointment, 1 oz
Author: Laurie B.
Location: United States
I am still dealing with a red mange issue that my sharpei was passed down by his mom. I bought her from an irresponsible breeder. She started losing her hair about two months ago. This is when my research began. My vet hasn't been much help besides a lot of tests and outrageous bills. I am just beginning the Goodwinal treatment with hope and faith from what I have researched. VetDepot is an excellent source for many products and the customer service is excellent. Wish me luck and I will let you know the results. Thanks everyone

Great Stuff
Author: Lena
Location: West Florida
Wasn't sure if my 8 week old chihuahua pup had what looked like red mange or something was making his hair fall out all over his head, face and neck. I ordered this product, applied it every nite before bed for 10 days and in 5 days his hair starting growing back and cleared up. Amazing. Used it on a flea allergy on another chi I have and it brought soothing relief, he didn't scratch as much. THANKS

Magic in a tiny container
Author: Madeline
Location: North Bay Village, FL
I rescued a 110 lb. Doberman that nobody else would go near. He was completely bald as a result of untreated mange and had developed staph infections on his skin. The vet administered mulitple doses of every kind of treatment he could think of with minimal results. I scoured the net and came across Goodwinol, and decided to give it a try. I give him a daily massage with Goodwinol and now Simba is almost completely covered in hair in less than three weeks. His skin was severly damaged, but thanks to the Goodwinol his hair is coming in even in those spots. I only wish I was able to find it in bigger containers.

Mange Ointment
Author: Hannah Tasev
Location: Irvine, CA
This is the greatest product ever. Seriously. It not only helps get rid of mange (which, btw, I tried a million things for before finding this product), but it soothes sores and itching on the skin to get your dog to stop scratching. This is a super product and I highly recommend it, especially if your dog has mange that won't go away.

Perfect product!
Author: Maci
Location: Orlando,. FL
Administered to my Labrador Retriever for a minor skin allergy- it worked wonders. Within two weeks the hair loss significantly receded and the hot spots minimized.

Author: Sarah
Location: California
I really like this product. This is my 3rd time ordering it. At first I didn't use it very often, we were treating our Boxer pup for mange, ringworm, allergies and skin reactions. Our vet was prescribing things but they were not working very well. We also switched her diet. I decided to finish off our first container of Goodwinol and then ordered another one. By the end of the 2nd tub her largest "mange" spot was almost completely clear and her hair was growing back thick and beautiful:)

I believe that Goodwinol really helped.

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