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Reviews for Glyco-Flex III for Dogs, 120 Tablets (1011401)

Excellent Product
Author: Debbie
Location: Massachusetts
Put my two 150 lb Rotties on this and after about 6 weeks what a difference. Vet Depot also has excellent customer service and price matching!

Author: Carina
My dog is nearly 13 years old and her back legs are weakening, despite twice daily walks. These tabs were recommended by my vet. I put half a tab in her food every morning and she scarfs it down. It's hard to tell, but they seem to be helping. She still doesn't like going up and down stairs, but she has no trouble walking. The only drawback is that a single dose is half a tab, so I have to cut them and they don't always separate cleanly, so I lose some of the tab as powder/small pieces. I have no idea why they can't make the tabs half the size so it's 1 tab/dose. VetDepot had a great price and delivered as advertised.

Glyco-Flex III
Author: George
Location: Corpus Christi, TX
I had tried another product before changing to Glyco-Flex III. My dog seems to be doing much better with the Glyco-Flex than before. I highly recommend it.

Glyco-Flex III
Author: Gary
Location: Florida
This product was recommended by my veterinarian for my dog’s hip dyspepsia. Since giving it to her for about three months she has had great results. The dog used to barely be able to get up now she is running around and back to jumping on the furniture. Great Product.

Glyco-Flex III for Dogs
Author: Dawn
Location: Wilton, IA
Our 9 yr old German Drahthaar was experiencing stiffness more frequently from even light exercise so we started him on Glyco-Flex III in late October. He started feeling better within a few days. I recommend this product if your dog is having pain and stiffness from arthritis.

Glyco-Flex III for Dogs, 120 Tablets
Author: Barbara
Location: Dartmouth MA
This seems to be keeping my 13 year old German Shepherd going. We had tried human glucosamine chondroitin without much success, but my vet recommended trying this. He still has some bad days but overall he is more active and seems to be feeling better.

Glyco-Flex III for Dogs, 120 Tablets
Author: Linda
I had been giving my 2 older dogs another joint medication that was more expensive. I switched to Glyco-Flex III and they are doing great and I am saving $$

Glyco-Flex III for Dogs, 120 Tablets
Author: Jon M Ketter
Location: Full time RV
Great product! I have been using it on my English Mastiff for 3 years and she has had no problems what so ever. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a dog.

Glyco-Flex III for Dogs, 120 Tablets
Author: Jennifer
Love this product give it to all my dogs that are over 10yrs and they do awesome on it and love the taste of the chewables! VetDepot's price cannot be beat either!!!

Great for My Elderly Puppy
Author: SueH
Location: Pacifica, CA
For those of you who have dogs that don't seem to know their age and go, go, go, until they are literally unable to jump on the bed, this is the product for you. This really helped with her joints and since we have been giving it to her, I haven't seen her limp.

Great product at a good price
Author: Reji
Location: Canton, GA
I started giving my 13 year old dog Glyco-Flex 10 years ago after her two leg surgeries. To this day, she has shown no indication of arthritis or other joint problems.

Gylco-flex III for dogs
Author: MMD
Location: CT
<p>I have been using this product on the recommendation of my breeder for my 7 yr old, but also give it to his half-sibling sister who will turn 5. He seems to be moving better, with less stiffness in his rear legs. I agree that the cut in half part can be difficult, I use a knife to press down on the cut line, but it can be very hard to get a clean cut at times. That would be my only negative. Price is always good at VetDepot.</p>

Helpful to Elderly Dog
Author: Lee
Location: Vermont
Our aging English Setter has been given this product for several years, and it seems to help her manage her osteoarthritis, and keeps her moving. She also regards the pills as a treat (well, two, cut in half to double the pleasure). And, from comparison shopping, I know this is the best price available.

Makes a Difference!
Author: CBRMom
My vet recommended Glyco-Flex several years ago. I started my Chessie's on it when they were 8. Four years later, as they progressed from Stage II to Stage III, I know that this product has helped them remain as active as they are. Vet Depot's price is much better than what my vet charges!!

Night and Day
Author: Dana L.
Location: Portland, ME
The difference in my dog since we started using this is massive. If your dog has joint problems of any kind you should consider trying this product.

Quality Product
Author: Chris
Starting giving this to my senior dog and saw marked improvements in his mobility in a relatively short period of time (less than a week). He is more energetic and playful now, and enjoys going for walks again. I have been using it for over a year now and would recommend it.

Really Helps
Author: Bobbi
Location: New York
I have been using this on my St. Bernard for 6 years and what a difference it has made. He is now 10 and the vet is very suprised on how well he is doing for his age and breed. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a large dog or older dog. I would also buy this product from VetDepot, I use to get it from my veterinarian and it was double what I pay now..

Really helps with pain
Author: Susi B.
Location: Willard OH
Years ago we gave Glyco-Flex III to our old dog as he was having trouble walking and just getting up from lying down. It helped so much, and pretty soon he was going on hikes with us and acting so much happier! When our neighbor's older dog started exhibiting the same symptoms, I recommended this product to her, and ordered it for her online since she doesn't have a computer. She said that it really helped her dog and had me order a new supply for her. Vet Depot has the best price and also fast and easy delivery.

Author: Deb
Location: Wisconsin
Great product line. Gives you 3 stages depending on you dogs needs. Our first Akita lived almost 14 years. It gave him much comfort in his last years with us. Our second Akita had knee surgery when young. Both were on stage lll for years. It has helped them both. The price is good for the quality of the vitamins offered. Thanks for quality and quick shipping.

Works great
Author: Barb C
Location: Louisville
My lab mix was diagnosed with arthritis at 3 and has been on Glyco-Flex ever since. We started her on Glyco-Flex II, but moved her to Glyco-Flex III a few years ago. It's definitely helped her with movement. At 11, she's still running around the yard and playing. Highly recommend.

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