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Reviews for Glyco-Flex II Feline Bite-Sized Chews, 60 Soft Chews (1016308)

Effective, affordable
Author: Lesley
Location: Vermont
The chews: at least 1/3 off my vet's price, and shipping charges are offset by buying several packages at once. Most important: they worked immediately to help my 14-year-old cat's stiffness and trouble with stairs, cat perch, sofa, etc. Things he had simply stopped doing, he now handles quite easily. He even did a full-out Kitty Crazies run around the house last night for the first time in a year. Oh, yes, he LOVES the taste. I break up one fish-shaped chew into five pieces to stretch out the treat time. Makes me wish Vet Depot sold people-sized chews.

The company: I've been ordering from Vet Depot for years, and always happily. They've been helpful, informative, able to supply every brand I've ever needed for cats and dogs at a , prompt in delivery...always five-star quality and service.

Feline bite-size chews
Author: Kasey
Location: ohio
I have bought these over the last 10 months for my 16 year old Maine Coon who has issues with moving around like he use to. A vet recommended them and so I tried them. I have found VetDepot to have the best price par none. Even though they are "soft" chews he still has problems eating them because he has bad teeth also...poor thing. I have to break them for him and sometimes I even have to let them sit in warm water....he likes the taste so that has never been a problem. I would recommend them if your cat is having arthritic problems because in my opinion they do help with mobility at least with my cat.

Glyco-Flex and VetDepot
Author: Kasey
Location: OH
I have written a couple of reviews on Glyco-Flex’s for my cat….my opinions are still the same. I like the product and I have seen good results with my Maine Coon. I have been giving him this product for the past year now. So in my humble opinion, it is a product that gives results.

That being said….I would like to say something about VetDepot. I have never, and I mean never, worked with a company that stands behind their word like VetDepot. Not only stands behind their word but if you write to them, they actually answer and not with the “standard everybody gets the same” body of letter. They actually write to YOU! My last email to them was on a Saturday morning EDST, and they responded to my in less than 2 hours. Now tell me who does that??? So if you want good products and good prices this is the place to shop….but if getting “Excellent” “Top of the Line” “Personalized” service is important to you then this company is definitely the company to deal with!!! They have won my loyalty as a customer!!!

Glyco-Flex and Vetdepot
Author: kasey
Location: ohio
First the product...a vet recommended, but theirs is 10x's more expensive, so I passed on purchasing them.

Now Vetdepot

I did research over the net and found the best price at Vetdepot, bar none.

They were delivered just as promised...I will in the future buy from this company.

Now the product again. This was purchased for my 15 year old Maine Coon. Yesterday for the first time in what I can say has really been years....he was running up and down our hallway after a younger cat that we have. It has to be the product! He has arthritis....usually have to make steps for him to get up and down on things...not saying that he is jumping...but he seems to have a lot more flexibility that is for sure.

In conclusion, the product seems to help my senior cat and Vetdepot is a good company to purchase from!

Glyco-Flex II Feline Bite-Sized Chews
Author: Tar
My cat has been on this product for several years now and not only do they keep him healthy but he loves them and knows when he gets them-at night-and waits for them. It's a great product and this is a great price

Glyco-Flex II Feline Bite-Sized Chews, 60 Soft Chews
Author: Claire W.
Location: FL
Easy "treats" to give cat. She likes both soft chews and tablets. Seems to be moving a bit easier but will see after taking a little longer.

Glyco-Flex II Feline Bite-Sized Chews, 60 Soft Chews (1016308)
Author: Janice
Location: Tampa, FL
Thank you so much for pricing this product so I can purchase it. My cat takes it for cytitis & Dr. feels it helps the lining of her bladder which is an off shelf use. She begs for it each morning. It keeps her from licking her lower tummy which Dr. said was their way of trying to relieve the pain in the bladder. Thank you for keeping prices down.

Great product
Author: Greg
Great product, my cats ask for it by name. Fast, no hassle delivery.

Great product for my picky eater
Author: Amy C.
Location: Austin, TX
My cat tends to be picky..but she loves these. She is moving better, happy and playful since eating them. She is climbing and jumping again without a problem. The price is great too. Product arrived quickly. I will shop at again.

My kitty loves these!
Author: Ashey Bell
Location: Arlington Texas
These chews seem to be actually reversing some of my cat's joint problems that she's developed over the years. She's also lost a little weight because she is moving around more, and in her case that is a really good thing.

Not only the BEST price But a GREAT product!!!
Author: DAVE
Location: West Virginia
We had been paying 3-4 times the price for this product at our Vets office. We ordered three packages and paid standard shipping cheaper than one at the Vets. But the most important point to make is our 17 year old cat can get along well when she is on this product. Glyco-Flex really works. When she is not taking two of these chews a day she will not be able to walk without limping and stumbling.

Outstanding Product
Author: Susie
Location: Keithville, Louisiana
One of my cats suffers from continuous bouts of cystitis. My long-time vet sold me one package of these to see if Pumpkin was willing to take them (he LOVES them), but told me to order them from here since Pumpkin's issue is on-going. Not only are the chews helping with the cystitis, the product is so very much cheaper here and all my orders arrive in a timely manner. I highly recommend this product for cats suffering with cystitis.

The Best Product at the Best Price!
Author: Rescue Kitty Mom
Location: Northern VA
I gave these treats to my 16 year old cat until she died last Fall, and they really helped a lot. I now have a "mature" rescue kitty who has hip issues, and my vet suggested I give the treats to her also. They've improved her mobility and decreased her pain 100%! VetDepot has the best price I've ever seen, and I've been ordering these treats from various suppliers every 6 months for several years. As long as this continues, I will order from VetDepot from now on!

Worth Every Penny
Author: D
Location: United States
I have two older cats. Unfortunately, only one of them likes these treats but they work great. Murray wasn't moving around very well and was limping a lot. After a few weeks he was moving around much better and was even playing with his old toys again. Bottom line, they DO work.

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