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Reviews for Frontline Spray, 500 mL (1010155)

Carla from Graysville, TN
Author: Carla
Location: Graysville, TN
My husband and I foster dogs, we currently have 17. This is the BEST product I have used for fleas/ticks. This is so much easier than the tubes of product that you put down their back. I used to use Comfortis but that got to be so expensive and it only worked on fleas. Frontline spray is by far the best product I have ever used.

Finally Found at a Great Price!
Author: Angie
Location: Dandridge, TN
I have been searching for the Frontline SPRAY for almost 6 months now. All the previous places I had purchased it from before were out of stock (for the last 6 months) and when I finally found it elsewhere it was priced at over 2x what I had paid in the past. I stumbled across VetDepot online and could not believe it was in stock and the price was very reasonable (close to or cheaper than I paid last time I ordered it).

I have been using the Frontline Spray at our house for the last 13+ years and have NEVER had a flea problem. I prefer the spray because we have multiple animals: cats and dogs. You can use the spray on both. I treat 2 cats and 3 dogs for at least a year with one bottle. I also spray pet bedding, carpet and rugs with the spray **this may be off label use of the product** so use your own judgement.

I do not know if it makes any difference over the drops or not but my animals do not swim often and are not around strange or stray animals. I have heard people say their flea problem is resistant to most flea treatments but I have never experienced this.

Please note if you have a flea infestation you will probably need more than one product or type of treatment. I would advise you to consult you vet before blaming any one product/treatment for not working.

I would like to say thank you to VetDepot for their: selection of products, fast shipping and excellent customer service. I will definitely order from them in the future. As a matter of fact they will be the first place I start my shopping. I am a very pleased first time customer.

Fleas do not stand a chance!
Author: Brenda
Location: Gloucester, VA
I have many dogs, so the tubes just would not work for me. The spray goes a long way and does the job. They are used to the spray now and it works very well. I am so happy VetDepot carries this product as I would not be able to afford to buy from the vet. Thank you VetDepot for all your wonderful products.

Frontline Spray
Author: Paul
Location: Birch Bay, WA
Very easy to use and took care of the problem almost immediately. We have six dogs and each had their fair share - we think some cats roaming through our yard caused this but Frontine did the job. We are extremely pleased with the product. The postage time was quick = we ordered on a Thursday

and we had the product and were using it by Saturday. We definitely recommend your website and this product.

Frontline Spray
Author: Jack Russell Rescue OWII
Location: Clatskanie, Oregon
I have been using Frontline on our dogs for 30 years, and we have had no flea issues in all that time. I am so glad that VetDepot carries the large size spray bottles, since we have 4 dogs of our own plus we foster up to 4 additional dogs for Jack Russell Terrier rescue. It would be prohibitively expensive to treat them all monthly with the over-packaged over-priced single dose packets sold in pet stores and at our wonderful vet's. With the large spray bottle, I can treat all the dogs once a month inexpensively, safely, and effectively.

Frontline Spray, 500 mL
Author: Sparky
Location: United States
We have three dogs so being able to purchase the 500ml size bottle is perfect. The price and outstanding service from the VETDepot makes the purchase even better.

Frontline Spray, 500 mL
Author: Ruthann
Location: Kila, MT
Hooray for VetDepot for having this product - searched last year for months as we had a mite infestion and no one could supply this -- not even our vet could get it.

No longer available?
Author: Cheryl Ann
Location: Hawaii
This is one of the best products, especially for small dogs. Way more cost effective than traditional shoulder blade apps of Frontline. But, it is becoming less and less available. The rumor is the manufacturer of the bottle itself has gone out of business. The container must be made of a certain plastic b/c of the acetone base of the product AND it must have a consistant pump-type spray for application. Even here at VetDepot the product is listed as "backordered." If you can find it... buy it!

Our favorite product for flea control.
Author: Greyhound Mommy
Location: Louisville, KY
Each year it gets more difficult to find Frontline spray. Thanks for carrying it! It works so much better than any of the other flea products we've tried over the years. We use it on our own dogs and the dogs residing at the Greyhound rescue where we volunteer.

Author: R.Pearson
Location: Paoli
I have been using this for about 15 yrs. Almost panicked when I had trouble finding it a few years ago. Easy to use & it Works!

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