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Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs, Orange, 6 Pack (1010178)

Can't Beat the Prices!
Author: Gigi's Owner
Location: Downers Grove, IL
Checked all over and found that Vetdepot has the best prices! I have shared their website with many pet owners and all have found it to have the best offers!

We'll continue to do business with them.

Competitive price and easy to navigate website
Author: Greg W
The product really helps keeps the fleas away.

Effective and easy to apply
Author: John C
Location: Nebraska
Fleas and ticks haven't been a problem when we've used Frontline. It's quick and easy to apply and it works. If we order from VetDepot early in the week our order normally arrives before the weekend and we're 1,500 miles away. Great service. I don't understand why the little applicators cost over $10 each, though.

excellent product
Author: Annie's mom
Location: Apex, NC
We have a lab-terrier-beagle mix who was rescued as a pup. The original rescuers had started her on this and we have continued since. After 4 years she has never had a flea or tick problem (only have found dead ticks on her). VetDepot is timely in their orders and the cost is nearly half of local pet store. It comes in a single dose, plastic dispenser with a foil backing. I have had trouble getting this open, but solved it by using scissors. All in all an excellent product.

Author: D Glanton
Location: North Little Rock, AR
Frontline is the best flea and tick control we have used. It's the only one that does not cause our two Shihtzus' shin to itch. And it works.

Author: David F
Location: Phila, PA
Competitive price and great communication.

Author: Emilie
Location: Phoenix, AZ
I have been using this product for years and find it easy to use, easy to order and have never been disappointed. I have two happy dogs.

Frontline for dogs less than 22 lbs.
Author: nikitaha
Location: NJ
An easy to apply way of protecting your dog from fleas and ticks. I have two dogs using the product without any ill effects and apparently with successful results as they have been free from these pests.

Frontline Plus
Author: Willie
Works Great. Easy to use, leaves no oily residue for any longer than 30 minutes - 1 hour as compared to the store brands where the fur stays oily for 1 week +. In the summer months it was pretty typical to see the occasional flea and or tick weekly. Used for about 3 weeks now, and no fleas or ticks.

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick 0-22 lbs
Author: Joyce S
Location: Leesville, SC
I have been buying this product from my vet for quite some time now. The price just kept increasing until I decided I had to find another way to deal with fleas. In searching the internet, I came across VetDepot and I sure am happy I did. Your prices are much more in line and saved me $35 on an order of six applications. I also would like to say that the service was wonderful. It only took 3 days to receive my order.

Keep up the good work!

Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs, Orange, 6 Pack
Author: Rosemary
great product fast delivery, thank you

Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs, Orange, 6 Pack
Author: natalie
Not as satisfied as I thought the product was going to be. I will switch over to pill type flea medication when this runs out. Didn't work as fast as it states it does. It took a couple days to have the full effect. It is messy product.

Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs, Orange, 6 Pack (1010178)
Author: Bonnie
I have a 7 year old min pin and I have used this product on her since she was 6 months old. It really works well in keeping the fleas at bay. I was ordering from her vet but after seeing the prices at VetDepot I decided to try them to save money. The service is really great in addition to the convenience of delivering to my front door.

Frontline Plus Orange - small dog.
Author: Happy Customer
<p>Fair price & Fast shipping. Have no problems with fleas & ticks.</p>

Great for my little dog!
Author: Sarah
Location: Spring,TX
Excellent flea product for my little dog Molly. She has a sensitive tummy, so it makes it easier on both of us to just apply it to the skin.

Great Price!
Author: crystalhauk
We all know Frontline is the product to go for when it come to flea and tick prevention. I tried other, cheaper brands, but they left a long strip of oil my dogs back that eventually dried into an unsightly strip of off colored hair. This spot application is easy to apply and I have yet to see off colored, dried hair on my dog. VetDepot offers the best price and ease of ordering and I will gladly purchase from them again.

Great price, fast shipment
Author: Nancie
Very pleased with the quick shipment. This product is a must for your pets.

Great product
Author: JD
Location: New York, NY
Always been a great product and VetDepot makes ordering a breeze and competitively priced.

Great product!
Author: Janis
Location: NYC
I have been using Frontline Plus on my dogs for over 10 years and have been totally satisfied. Neither of my dogs have gotten any fleas or ticks - ever!

Quality Products at Great Prices
Author: Tracey
Location: NJ
This is a wonderful product compared to others. VetDepot's prices can't be beat and the fast free shipping to my home is great! I highly recommend this product for your pet and VetDepot is the place to get it!

Rescued from my flea invasion
Author: Pat L
Location: Dayton, OH
This is embarrassing, but I'm 62, had cats and dogs most of my life and never, ever had a flea problem that I couldn't overcome without much thought. I have 5 cats, 1 dog at present, all rescued, all spayed and neutered and living great lives until this past spring and summer when we were inundated with fleas. I spent $100's and $100's of dollars at Jack's, Walmart's, even flea stuff from the vet. I bought bombs, sprays, powders, then tried every home remedy I could find on the net including vacumning every thing every day, washing things repeatedly. My nerves were shot, my animals were suffering and then I found your site on the web and read all about the growth inhibitor. I was leary of buying on the net but I'm so glad I did. You sent the Frontline Plus for dogs and the one for cats within two days. I got it on them right away. They had all lost so much hair and even had open sores I was treating with Neosporin. Within days they started to get on the floors in the rooms instead of jumping from furniture to furniture. Then I started noticing no open sores and now 3 weeks later their hair is looking better. I just ordered more from you, as I will be doing monthly for a while with as many animals as I have. Thank you so much for the info and your honesty and quick response.

A forever customer,

Pat L

Dayton, OH

Very happy with Frontline.
Author: smitty7193
Location: Chicago, IL
<p>Very happy with Frontline. I have used it for years. I tried Advantage and my dog was allergic to it.</p>

Works pretty well despite what my vet says
Author: Diane
Location: St Petersburg, FL
I have been using this product most of the time since our dog was old enough. We live in Florida, and fleas are always a problem but have been worse the last 3 years in my area. I tried a couple of other things 2-3 times, and once got a BAD case of fleas on the little guy. Since then, it has always been Frontline Plus. My vet has other recommendations, saying it doesn't work, even though he used to sell it. He sold it when it was only able to be purchased from a vet. Now he is recommending something else that can only be purchased by a vet. Don't you hate that?

Anyway, fleas ARE outside, and occasionally I will see a couple of fleas or find flea dirt on my dog. This only happens about three times a year. That is when I treat our back yard, and have him stay in our yard until that bad period of Florida flea infestation passes. I think this is a great product, and of course, he doesn't mind the application at all.

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