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Reviews for Frontline Plus for Cats, Green, 12 pack (1013918)

Excellent protection for my outdoor cats
Author: Jacqueline
Location: Ridgefield, WA
My two cats were strays and infested with fleas when I first adopted them. I've been using Frontline Plus for Cats for 3 years now, and haven't seen any fleas or other parasites on my cats. It really does work with a once monthly application.

Fast Delivery EPA approved.
Author: Jami
Location: Oakland, Maryland
I recently (September 2010) purchased authentic Frontline Plus (12 Pack) for $123.99 from The order was placed on September 23rd and it arrived at my mailbox September 25th! I checked everything and this is the real EPA approved version.

Frontline for Cats
Author: Flying Pig Farm
Location: Southern Oregon
It just plain works; one less thing to worry about with my cats who love to bring me furry presents year-round from the field.

Frontline Plus Kills Fleas
Author: Greg
Location: San Diego
Frontline Plus for Cats kills fleas fast and keeps them off! This is a great product and a super good price.

Great Product, great price
Author: Mama cat
Location: Tennessee
I've been using this product for 4 years on my current 2 cats and for 13 years with my previous cat. My vets have always recommended it and I have never had any problems with it. All my cats are totally indoor.

I had previously purchased it from a different on-line source but find vetdepot has the best price/shipping combination.

Still great product and price
Author: Mama cat
Location: Tennessee
I've been using Frontline Plus for Cats since Jan. '06 on my two indoor cats. I had been ordering from PetMeds but in Dec. '06, after searching many online and on site stores, found that VetDepot has the same products for much less. My vet recommends it and my cats and I love it.

This is the best flea & tick treatment product!
Author: Chris

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