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Reviews for For-Bid (Anticoprophagic), 12 Packets (1010663)

For-Bid (Anticoprophagic), 12 Packets
Author: Sue
The most effective and cost effective anti-coprophagic I have tried. A small dose has better effect than other brands.

Pretty darn effective breaking an old habit.
Author: Mary
My beagle has been a poop eater since he was a puppy. Tried various products and home remedies with not much luck. I thought I would try this product as a last ditch effort. Knowing that his problem had become habitual and would be more difficult to treat, I tried it. He really doesn't like the taste of his waste now. He will try it and then stop. I know it will take us longer to over come his issue but we will keep it up. I found that giving him 1/8 tsp per meal (he has 2 meals per day) seems to work best. His wt is 25 lbs. this seems to prevent the diarrhea that can happen with a larger dose.

Author: Meaghan Trimble
Location: Covington, KY
Both of my dogs eat poop. One is especially fond of the cat's litter box, but both will eat pretty much any poop they find. I started using this a few weeks ago and the poop eating has stopped, and I'm very thankful because my husband was so grossed out he was talking about sending the dogs to live with his father.

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