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Reviews for Flavor-Doh Liver Flavor for Dogs, 200gm (1016517)

Best Way to Give Pills
Author: Lou
I have used Flavor Doh for years for several different dogs and all shapes and sizes of pills. I just form the doh around the pill and put it with their food. They eat it right up without picking around the pill or doh ball. It's not messy and so simple to use. I highly recommend it for all dogs who need to take pills. Even my picky dog gobbles his pills right up when they are hidden in the flavor doh.

Can't live without
Author: jessieo
This has made my life so much easier. Our dog requires 5 pills/day and though he will take some without any hiding of the pill, others he refuses. It takes very little product to coat the pill or capsule and he thinks it's a treat. It also is great for when someone else is watching him and has to administer the pills. They can do it easily. I recommend this highly (He loves the other flavor too).

Author: hannah
Location: arizona
Dogs love it! Does the trick.

Flavor-Doh Liver Flavor for Dogs, 200gm
Author: Eileen
This works very well. My dog loves it.

Works Great
Author: Missy
Location: NJ
I've been using this for the last 6 months and my dog hasn't found one pill yet. Flavor-Doh allows me to coat the pills in just enough product that hides the smell of the pill but doesn't make it so big that my dog is forced to chew it and finds it that way. I just coat them and throw them in with his dry food. Before I found Flavor-Doh I had to play the usually games of hiding the pills in creative ways and he would find them half the time anyway. I really can't say enough about this product, it makes pill time less stressful for everyone.

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