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Reviews for Flavor-Doh Chicken Flavor for Dogs, 200gm (1016518)

Eats it right up
Author: MB
Location: Alabama
This item doesn't have yeast in it like the others and so my dog can eat it. The new pill pocket that doesn't have yeast she doesn't like. She really likes Flavor-Doh, it is so easy to administer pills, she looks forward to it each morning (6 pills) and evening (3 pills). A minor thing I don't like is that they are sticky and sometimes she has a hard time getting it loose. But that has been taken care of by putting a very small piece of meat on the bottom. Flavor-Doh also last much longer than the other products. I'm sold on it.

Flavor-Doh Chicken Flavor for Dogs
Author: Mainer
I have to give my 14 year old Boston Terrier 3 pills of heart medicine daily and the flavor dough is more cost effective and easier to work with than pill pockets for a dog her size.

Flavor-Doh Chicken Flavor for Dogs, 200gm
Author: John H.
Location: Savannah, Ga.
So far, this has worked well for my 14-year-old labrador mix, who is quite suspicious of many pill-hiding products. It is easy to use and more economical than Pill Pockets.

Great for pills
Author: Jeff Khan
Location: Antioch, CA
Flavor-Doh is great if you have a puppy that doesn't like taking medication. My dog has a congenital urinary problem that makes him prone to getting UTIs and so he often has to take various medications like antibiotics and other pills. This saves me and him both so much stress. He does not even detect the pills, although he does sometimes make an ugly face when he's done with the Flavor-Doh. I suspect he can taste them a little when he eats the treat, but he still takes them willingly every time.

My dogs love it and so do I!!
Author: Denise
Location: Limerick, PA
This product is so easy to use and my dogs love it! I have to pill 3 of my 5 twice a day and the 2 that don't need meds beg for it they think it's a treat! No fuss, no muss and no problem giving needed meds! You just use as much as you need so it is cost effective and nothing goes to waste!

The best of all pilling agents!
Author: ZsaZsa
Location: Green Acres
My 2 huskies love this stuff and I have aboslutely no problems of giving their pills twice a day. In fact, they want to have it more and more, until I say: "all done" and then put a lid on a container. This is the best way of giving least with my dogs! Just hope FlavorTek keeps producing this wonderful product!

This is an Awesome Product
Author: Denise
Location: Limerick, PA
I've tried all different ways to administer (pill pockets, etc.) meds to my gang. And this by far is the best. My dogs love this stuff! I also use it as a training aid. It is so easy to use and there is no waste because you choose how much you need so it also cost effective! I can't say enough good things about Flavor-doh!

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