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Reviews for Fish Mox Forte (Amoxicillin) 500 mg, 30 Capsules (1013960)

Author: Gail
Location: Louisville, Ky.
I keep this on hand always for any kind of infection in my "fish". Whether they have fins, two legs or even four, they always perk up from an infection with this stuff! My dog cut her foot and it was swollen before I realized she had hurt it and that infection had set in. She's on her 3rd day and the swelling has gone down. ANY kind of infection will be put to flight with this. Great Stuff!! Great price!! Thank you for this service!!


Fish Mox Is Awesome
Author: Todd
Location: Piedmont, SC
I have used this for my fish, and VetDepot.com has the best price, and ships fast! I highly recommend this product and Vetdepot.com

Good to have on hand
Author: Caryn
If you know that you need this, it will save you a trip to the vet. My vet prescribes a combination of this and flagyl (fish zole) for diarrhea in my dogs.

Just Works
Author: scott
<p>This product works great and the pricing is better than the other firms I have checked. Ordering anything via mail is risky in many situations...but not here.</p>

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