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Reviews for Feline Restraint Bag, 5-10 lbs , Navy (1010031)

Better way to give cat oral medication
Author: Denise
Location: Wisconsin
I bought this feline restraint bag because I had to give oral medication twice a day to my cat. Before I got this restraint bag, every time I gave him medicine it was a battle. This bag was a great solution. Made it easier for us and him because he did not struggle to get away. Pay attention to the fact that the bag comes in different sizes depending on your cat's weight. Bag is durable and well constructed.

Do yourself a favor
Author: multiple cats
Location: Vermont
I give a gelcap to each of my 3 cats daily. I purchased a 5-10 lb. and a 10-15 lb. bag based on my cats' weight and fortunately both accommodate the cats perfectly. I put the open bag on a counter top and put the cat on it, fasten the neck velcro first, then zip up the back being careful not to catch fur. Sometimes they struggle and sometimes not, but either way both I and the kitty are safe. Getting them to swallow is another issue, but they are comfortably and safely contained until I let them out. The zipper is big and plastic, the bag is sturdy nylon. Great product! I haven't yet tried to trim nails because my husband (the cat whisperer in our family) does this job using a blanket and a muzzle (they can't see with the muzzle on), however I think the bag would work fine for this too. So too would rear access to the cat be pretty easy. If you have a feisty cat, do yourself a favor and get a restraint bag.

Feline Restraint Bag, 5-10 lbs , Navy
Author: Carin
Location: Massachusetts
Bag is durable and well constructed, but the 5-10lb bag is a bit small on our less than 8lb cat. Ultimately, we found that using a small blanket worked better, but our cat is fairly well-behaved. With a more fractious cat the restraint bag would be a plus.

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