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Reviews for Butler Schein Tear Stain Remover, 4 oz. (1010844)

Butler Schein Tear Stain Remover, 4 oz.
Author: Christopher J.
Location: Baltimore City, MD
This product is safe to clean the tear stains under the eyes, and even to squirt into the eyes to flush out debris. I did not want to use any products that would not be safe to get in the eyes. Also, I really didn't want to use the products that you feed to the dog to get rid of tear stains. I just wanted something gentle and safe. With that being said, this does a good job, over time, reducing the staining. It hasn't completely removed the staining yet, but the improvement is excellent. Last year, I rescued a cocker spaniel. By "rescue" I mean I found her wandering in the road, with no tags, covered in dirt and knotted fur. I've never owned a cocker, and was unprepared for all of the grooming needs. Her excess tears caused lots of staining, and began to stink. This product has eliminated the bad smell, and made a big improvement on the staining.

Good for coat
Author: Donald Mitchell
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
I got this to remove tear stains on my white Eskie. It works for that purpose, although it takes many applications. Having said that, when I tried to use it as an eye flush, as directed, I found it comes out much too harsh for the eye. The flush is too powerful and I worry about the temperature. But overall, this is a good product that does what it says. I'd recommend it for anyone battling yellowing of the coat, especially on the face.

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