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Reviews for Etodolac 400 mg, 100 Tablets (1010568)

* It saved our Dog *
Author: R.L. Ishmael
Location: Oklahoma
Thank you Vet Depot, from the bottom of my heart. This product has enabled us to keep our beautiful Blue Healer much longer than anticipated due to early hip problems. After a strict diet and a couple of months on this product we are seeing amazing results with weight loss and his activity level is getting back to normal. Balanced with a quality diet dog food and good activity this Etodolac has given amazing results and Vet Depot has the best prices with super fast shipping and good quality people to answer all questions. Thank you Vet Depot !!!.

Definite Budget Helper!
Author: Great Dane Momma
Location: Otsego, MN
Being able to give my almost 9 yr old arthritic Dane medication that doesn't bankrupt me has helped me provide him a much more comfortable life. Medicating geriatric large breed dogs is VERY expensive. This medication, at the discounted price available here, has helped my old boy maintain a pep in his step.

Fountain of Youth Pill for Aging Pets
Author: Ishmael
Location: Sapulpa Oklahoma
My wife and I were watching our Australian Cattle Dog fade before our eyes. He loved to go with us on each trip to the ranch but after 7 years, his hips were starting to fail. The Etodolac 400 mg tablets have at least allowed us to keep enjoying our pet and allow him to continue to get around and function where he was complete down in his back hips completely. I cannot speak highly enough about this product. This is the generic version but this 400mg version works better than the 300mg version of the name brand stuff. You will not be disappointed.

Hooray it works
Author: Wendy
Amazing meds. My 10 year old Aussie has been on this for over a year. He was on the 300mg version, it costs 4 times as much and did not work as well. My vet is a super lady who understands that pet owners have to be able to afford the medications for their animals. He takes one Etodolac per day and is pain free. I had experience with this medication 12 years ago with my elderly chow, when all the other "dog" meds stopped working my vet suggested Etodolac. When I realized this was a medication that I had also taken (Lodine) I felt very comfortable giving it a try. Murphy spent the last 2 years of her life pain free. This is my go to pain med for dogs. You do have to make sure the dosage matches the weight. My aussie weighs 70 pounds.

My Boy is back
Author: wendy
Location: greensboro, NC
2 years ago, my 8 years old active Australian Shepherd pulled up lame on his front leg. Swelling between the tendons brought on a cancer scare. My vet suggested we try an anti-inflammatory medication since blood work could not confirm cancer. 2 weeks later he was putting full weight on the front leg and back to moving like a young dog. We have been on it for 2 years with great success. My local pharmacy was charging me almost $1.00 per tablet. Vet Depot has been a budget godsend

Works better than any of the other pain/inflammation relievers tried
Author: Barbara
Location: Tucson AZ
My 110 pound, 12 year old Anatolian shepherd has been losing muscle mass in his hips for 4 years. This is the only medication that relieved his pain enough for him to start behaving like an adolescent again! He's happy and eating well.

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