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Reviews for Epakitin Nutritional Supplement, 2.16 oz (60 gm) (1014083)

Epakitin - a good choice for treating CKD in cats
Author: Joan
Location: Minneapolis
My cat was recently diagnosed with end - staged CKD. We have been treating her with low magnesium & phosphorus pet food, sub-Q fluid supplements & recently added Epakitin. We see the Vet on Monday & will have labs drawn to determine her progress. Will get back yo everyone & let you know how she is doing.

Epakitin Nutritional Supplement
Author: Lynn S.
Location: United States
This is the first time I dealt with VetDepot and I am very pleased with the product and prompt service!

Epakitin Nutritional Supplement
Author: Ray
Location: texas
The purchase was safe and easy.

However, my cat will not eat this stuff when mixed with food. I'm going to have to find another way to get these nutrients in her.

It can be a little pricey for a small amount, but for those of us looking to give our cats the best, it's worth it sometimes.


Great price for this product
Author: Liz
Location: Chicago
My vet recommended this supplement but charges twice as much for it. My Maltese doesn't mind the powder mixed in with her food and it seems to be helping with her kidney issues. My experience with Vet Depot has been great. I will definitely reorder this product.

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