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Reviews for Enzymes and Probiotics, 8 oz (1016035)

A great product!
Author: JO
Location: Florida
My dog used to have runny stool for which our vet prescribed a pre and probiotic medication. This helped, but as soon as he got off of the medication the runs came back again. He has been on this product for a couple of years now and the only time he has diarrhea is immediately after taking Iverhart or Comfortis. (A small price to pay for a pest-free pup).

Awesome product, helps my cat's diahhrea!
Author: Vicki B.
Location: Minneapolis, MN
My 7 year old cat has had chronic diarrhea since he was a kitten and I've been trying every kind of food to see if it's an allergy, IBS, digestion problem or ? I'm still working on trying to resolve his issue. In the meantime, I sprinkle this on all his dry and wet food. This is the only thing I've found so far that makes his runny diarrhea into more of a toothpaste consistency. Great product and price for any cat!!!

Enzymes and Probiotics, 8 oz
Author: Rodolfo
My Chow chow had recurrent soft stool every 4 to 5 days, she always

ate a mix of steam rice, boiled chicken and top-of-the-line dry food.

I have been using this product for over a year and she never had the

digestive problems again, she is very normal and constant regarding

stool consistency since she has been taken this product.

I also recommended this product to a friend that has an old dog with

painful digestive problem, and he said his dog was much better after a

couple of weeks of taking it.

My Chow's vet was the one that recommended probiotics back then and

she was right.

Great Product
Author: Rich
Location: Sacramento, CA
My Oriental Shorthair had pudding consistency stools and I wanted to firm them up. This product worked great.

The price was good as well as the processing and shipping of the order.

results were amazing on a constant basis
Author: Rodolfo
Location: VA
I have been using this product for at least a couple of years for my dogs, one is a Chow that had almost constant soft stool and diarrhea and there was nothing that worked before, until I tried this product, and in very short days the digestive system of my dog was normalized and the powder never failed to work. Just a tea spoon on the food is all my dog needed. I recommended the product to a friend that had an old dog with pain and digestive problems and the product worked well for him in a couple of weeks.

Still works great on my cat!
Author: Vicki B.
Location: Minneapolis, MN
This is the only thing that has worked to stiffen up my cats runny stool problem. In addition, the only food that he is not sensitive to is Green Pea and Duck (dry or wet) food. I sprinkle this in both the wet and dry food. Great product!

Wonderful product!
Author: Christine
Location: Portland, OR
I feed my dogs(2) raw and my cats(3) grain free and organic. Both of them profit from these pro-biotics and enzymes. One of my cats has a digestive problem where her pancreas does not function properly and she is not absorbing nutrients from her food. This product helps her tremendously and she already has been gaining weight.

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