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Reviews for Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Large Dogs, 30 Chews (1010558)

Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Large Dogs, 30 Chews
Author: JCB
I hesitate on giving my dog rawhides. He doesn't seem to chew them and just swallows them. He seemed to gnaw at these so they must work and clean his teeth. Haven't used them long enough to notice if they work. But he likes them

Great for big dogs!
Author: 3doglady
Location: Agoura hills, CA
I have two big dogs, a Golden and a Rottweiler. I give them these chews once a week. It keeps their teeth clean and the love the chewabilty. Easy on their stomach too.

Vet recommended
Author: Alex Buchanan
Location: Waterbury, Conn
My veterinarian recommended these to keep my dog's teeth clean when I can't brush (which is often). His teeth definitely look better and his breath is better, but he's had a cavity since I started using them. Definitely an improvement but not a replacement for brushing all the time.

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