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Reviews for Duralactin Feline L-Lysine, 32.5 mL (1016112)

Author: rescue volunteer
Location: Herndon VA
I am a rescue volunteer and foster kitties until they find forever homes. A lot of kitties that come into my home have a very sketchy history at best. I put a little of this product in their food to help regulate their digestive tract and to build up their immune system and I have to say it is a WONDERFUL product. I just put the correct dosage into their soft food and mix it up and they gobble it down. There doesn't appear to be any medicine taste and they never know meds are in it.

Duralactin Lysine keeps my kitty healthy!
Author: Lynn
Our sweet little boy we adopted from the Humane Society 1.5 yrs. ago came home with us with horrible respiratory symptoms: red eyes, sneezing, visible mucus from his nose...we loved him anyway! Through 3 different rounds of antibiotics from the vets at the Society, he did not really improve much. Our personal vet then put him on the right antibiotic that helped him turn the corner finally, but also suggested Duralactin Lysine, to suppress the herpes virus that is one of the 2 main causes of respiratory infections in cats. It works well! He gets the beginnings of the symptoms all over again if we stop using it, so this keeps him healthy!

Duralactin Feline L-Lysine, an awesome product
Author: Vicki
This is a fantastic product. Our vet recommended this years ago for a cat we adopted from the shelter who has a compromised immune system. He gets this daily, and it has kept him almost completely symptom free from respiratory and congestion problems for years. Like others here have stated, we also do rescue work for the shelter and use this routinely with our fosters. VetDepot's price is a great value for this product.

Excellent product for Feline Herpes Virus
Author: Darci L
My cat had symptoms of feline herpes virus in his eye -- red, discharge, etc. The vet had recommended some eye drops but those did not work. This was the second thing we tried and it worked like a charm. I give this to both my cats periodically to keep the virus suppressed and neither have had problems since. Wonderful stuff and reasonably priced.

Great product and easy to give to my cat
Author: catfostermom
Location: Virginia
I have one of my foster kittens I adopted because of her breathing and eye issues with suspect of having herpes. I ordered this product because that is what my vet recommended. It is easy to give to her and she does well on it. The only thing is the price when you have to give it everyday.

Kitten Tested, Cat Approved!
Author: PMac55
Location: Philadelphia, PA (for now)
Duralactin's L-Lysine has helped us manage our cat's sneezing and coughing, which is due to feline herpes. We used to buy this product from another vendor, until they shipped us tubes that had bogus expiration dates taped over the expired dates. I found Duralactin on your web site and we've been satisfied customers since then.

We started our little boy on l-lysine when he was fairly young, now he's 14 years old and still going!

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