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Reviews for Duralactin Canine, 180 Vanilla Chewables (1010891)

Duralactin Canine, 180 Vanilla Chewables
Author: Sandy
Location: Fond du Lac, WI
Our dog has been on Duralactin for several years after starting with arthritis in his back. Our vet highly recommended this product. It has definitely made a difference.

Good results
Author: Laurie
This was reccomended to me by a friend for my aging Bassett Hounds with arthritis, hip displasia and back problems. It does seem to help with inflammation, and works well as an addition to Rimadyl.

My dog thinks these are treats!
Author: Morgan
Location: Orlando, FL
The title speaks for itself! My dog Huck looks forward to these vanilla chewables, which at 50+ lbs, he gets twice a day and seems to look forward to! I love that he enjoys the taste and ever since I started using these tablets 2 weeks ago in combination with Cosequin DS, I've noticed he definitely is more playful and bouncy. Just as an FYI: he is a mystery mutt from the pound but I found out he had "bad hips" after an x-ray and that's why I started him on the regimen. I strongly recommend you talk to your vet before starting any medicine or supplements!

Why I chose to put the love of my life, Tasha on duralactin
Author: Carolyn M
Location: Honolulu, HI
Some months ago my 5 1/2 year old long hair dauhound/terrier, Tasha was limping and diagnosed with hip dysplesia. The vet put her on previcox and within a week's time she was in a life threatening situation having an adverse reaction to that medication. After she was stabilized, the vet wanted to put her on deramax. After researching that product, I found it might have even worse side effects so I chose the course of acupuncture and looked for safe herbal and alternative anti inflammatory products. My cousin, who is a vet, highly recommended this product to me along with Dasaquin and the results have proven to be very positive. Tasha is no longer limping and responding well to these products. She is not exhibiting any side effect and appears to have her old spunky self back again.

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