Pet Health Guides and First Aid Kits

The Red Cross provides up-to-date authoritative guides, reference books, and first aid kits for pet owners. First Aid Books and DVDs can help owners know how to handle emergencies like choking, bleeding, trauma, and poisoning. The Red Cross Pet First Aid Kit comes with supplies to treat your pet in an emergency.

By being prepared with the most up-to-date guides, you will know what to do in almost any pet emergency. The First Aid Guide Books and DVDs give pet owners two ways to learn how help their pet if they are bleeding, choking, or have accidentally ingested something poisonous. The complete First Aid Kit is full of supplies that any pet owner should always keep handy.

Benefits of Red Cross First Aid Supplies

  • Authoritative first aid reference guides for pet owners
  • Different guide books tailored to the needs of dogs and cats
  • Instructional materials for how to handle pet emergencies
  • Pet First Aid Kit is great to have on hand during an evacuation
  • Reference guides come with instructional DVDs

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