Pet Training Products

Premier manufactures a line of pet training products for dogs, cats, and birds. The GentleSpray Anti-Bark Collars use concentrated citronella to harmlessly stop dogs from barking. Unlike electric shock collars or ultra-sonic collars, Premier's dog collar won't hurt your dog or increase aggressive behavior. SprayShield uses a powerful citronella spray to deter aggressive dogs and other animals.

Premier's Anti-Bark Collars and Animal Deterrent Sprays use citronella to help train dogs or stop aggressive animals without hurting them. These products are known to solve common dog behavioral issues without harm.

Benefits of Premier Products

  • Training products designed to improve your relationship with your pets
  • Made with humane ingredients like citronella
  • Bark Collars do not harm your pet with ultra-sonic frequencies or electric shocks
  • SprayShield can protect you from animal attacks

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