Bandages and First Aid for Horses

PowerFlex is a flexible bandage for horses that is from the makers of PetFlex. PowerFlex pet meds are stronger than traditional bandages, flexible, and tears easily by hand.

PowerFlex is a cohesive flexible bandage that offers strong support while tearing easily by hand for convenience. The bandage is breathable, flexible, and water resistant, and it will not stick to your horse's skin or hair.

Benefits of PowerFlex:

  • Provides 23 lbs. of tensile strength
  • Strongest cohesive bandage available
  • Highly resistant to abrasion
  • Easy to tear by hand
  • Fabric-based material for comfort and safety
  • Will not constrict or interfere with circulation
  • Does not stick to skin or hair; sticks only to itself
  • Remains in place during activity
  • Does not leave a sticky residue

Recommended for use with equine IVs and orthopedic splints. Also for use to support ligaments and tendons during thoroughbred racing, cross-country, barrel racing, and other events. Beneficial for hoof trimming, wound dressing, and other medical treatments.


Available in various colors to match barn or silks.


Bandage should be snug without impeding blood flow or restricting movement.

PowerFlex is an OTC product.

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