Pill Splitter for Giving Dogs and Cats Pills

The Pill Splitter by Jorgensen Labs has a sharp, razor-thin blade that cleanly cuts tablets and pills into smaller portions. The Pill Splitter holds a variety of pill sizes and makes it easier to give pills to your dog or cat.

The Pill Splitter divides medication tablets in half for easy and accurate dosing. The Pill Crusher crushes tablets into a powder for addition to food or water. Use the Pill Splitter/Crusher Combination product to perform either of these functions.

Benefits of Pill Splitter, Pill Crusher, and Pill Splitter/Crusher Combination:

  • Divide medication in half evenly and effortlessly
  • Crush pills for mixing with food or water
  • Break up tablets without a mess or pieces flying
  • Facilitate administration of oral medications in pets that cannot or do not readily chew or swallow pills
  • Easy to use
  • Available as a combination product for splitting, crushing, or grinding pills


The pill divider is used for accuracy and simplicity when proper dosing requires a half tablet. The pill crushers are used for chewable tablets that may be mixed with food or water.


Not all oral medications are safe for dividing or crushing. Check the label or consult your veterinarian first.


Keep products out of reach of children and animals.

The Pill Splitter, Pill Crusher, and Pill Splitter/Crusher Combination are OTC products.

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