Pet First Aid and Bandages

PetFlex No Chew Bandages are made from a strong, flexible material with a bitter taste to keep pets from chewing, biting, or tearing them. PetFlex does not stick to skin or hair and will apply controlled compression. Great for domestic animals. 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch sizes are available in 5 yard rolls.

PetFlex bandages are flexible and cohesive bandages designed to prevent biting, tearing, and chewing of wounds and other conditions. The bandages taste bitter to repel pets and will not stick to your animal's coat or skin.

Benefits of PetFlex:

  • Remains in place during activity
  • Tears easily by hand for easy application
  • Bitter taste repels pets to protect wound sites
  • Will not adhere to skin, wounds, or hair
  • Strong and comfortable
  • Resistant to water and sweat
  • Will not constrict or impair circulation when used correctly

For use directly over wounds or on top of other dressings to protect them from moisture, dirt, and chewing. For use on small animals.


PetFlex No Chew Bandages are available in 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch sizes, and in individual and multi-packs. Rolls are 5 yards in length.


Bandages may leave a residue on your hands after application. Wear gloves during use and wash hands after applying to your pet.

PetFlex No Chew Bandages are available OTC.

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