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Pet Piller for Dogs & Cats

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Buster Pet Piller with Soft Tips
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Buster Pet Piller with Soft Tips - 10 Pack
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Products 1-2 of 2

Give Pills to Dogs and Cats

Pet Pillers make it easier to administer oral pet medications to dogs and cats. Water can also be drawn into the Buster Pet Piller to aid in swallowing.

Pet Piller products are syringe-like implements with safe rubber tips that forcefully but safely eject pills back into your pet's mouth. They allow for easy administration of capsule and tablet oral medications.

Benefits of Pet Pillers:

  • Eject capsules and tablets back into your pet's mouth to encourage swallowing
  • Deliver essential medications for your pet's health
  • Pills are contained in a safe rubber tip to help prevent injury during use
  • Good for cats and small dogs
  • Buster Pet Piller may be filled partially with water to further encourage swallowing
  • Buster Pet Piller designed with finger rings for enhanced control
  • Available at lower cost as Pet Piller generic

For administering solid oral medications to pets that do not readily swallow them.


Ensure that the pill is secured in the rubber tip and that the tip is positioned over the back of the animal's tongue. Tilt your pet's head upward slightly during use to encourage swallowing. Administer only 1 capsule or tablet at a time. Monitor your pet to be certain the dose is swallowed.

Pet Piller and Buster Pet Piller are OTC products.