What to look for in pet food labels - Infographic

It’s important for pet owners to understand how to interpret pet food labels. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has established certain guidelines regarding the wording that can be used on pet food labels to help pet owners decide which food is best for their individual animal.

The exact wording is very important in determining the quality and ingredients of a particular pet food. For example, a product labeled “chicken dinner for dogs” must contain at least 25% chicken, whereas a product labeled “dog food with chicken” must contain only 3 % of the referenced ingredient.

In addition to the wording on the front of the packaging, pet owners should pay attention to the ingredients list and indicators about age and health issues. Some pet foods are designed with a specific life stage in mind (puppy, senior, etc.), while others are designed for pets with certain health conditions like allergies.

Owners should always check with their pet’s veterinarian with questions regarding pet food labels or before changing their pet’s regular diet.

Pet Food Labels

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