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Mitaban (Amitraz) Liquid, 10.6 mL
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Dog Mange Treatment

Mitaban pet meds are a liquid concentrate of amitraz and are used to treat demodectic mange in dogs.

Mitaban is a liquid solution used as dip to treat demodicosis mange caused by mites. Treatment every 14 days effectively eliminates mites and associated itching, irritation, and other symptoms.

Benefits of Mitaban:

  • Relieves skin irritation and other symptoms associated with mange
  • Prevents secondary infections caused by scratching
  • Effective treatment when used according to manufacturer's directions
  • Powerful antiparasitic drug treats even severe infestations
  • Safe for use on most dogs

Use this medication only as directed by your veterinarian.

Do not allow children to handle or apply this medication.

Do not inhale vapors during treatment.


  1. Wear rubber gloves when mixing or administering Mitaban.
  2. Clip medium and long-haired dogs before treating.
  3. Bathe dog with a mild shampoo and water. Towel dry.
  4. Treat the entire dog with a solution of 1 bottle per 2 gallons of warm water. Larger dogs may require 2 bottles mixed into 4 gallons of warm water.
  5. Make certain the dog is completely wet with the solution.
  6. Allow the dog to air dry. Do not rinse.
  7. If treating more than one dog, prepare a new solution for each dog.
  8. Wash hands with soap and water following use. Do not handle pets immediately after treatment.

Frequency of Use:

Treat generalized demodicosis with 3 to 6 treatments, spaced 14 days apart. Continue treating until no viable mites are seen in skin scrapings performed after two successive treatments, or until a total of 6 treatments are used.

Chronic cases may require a second or third series of treatments.


Store Mitaban at controlled room temperature, between 68 and 77 degrees F. Keep away from children and animals. This product may be harmful or fatal if ingested.

Dispose of Mitaban by flushing down the drain. Rinse the empty container with water and discard. Do not reuse Mitaban containers.

It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Amitraz, the active ingredient in Mitaban, is an antiparasitic drug that kills the mites responsible for mange. When mixed with water, the medication functions as a dip to treat the entire dog at once.

Active Ingredient: N-Methyl-Methanimidamide 19.9%

Other Ingredients: Xylol, propylene oxide, and a blend of alky benzene sulfonates and exthoxylated polyethers


Keep this product out of reach of children and animals. Do not use or store in or near open flame or heat.

Mitaban is intended for use on dogs only. Do not use on other animals or on humans. For topical use only. Do not ingest.

CAUTION: It is not known if Mitaban is safe for use on pregnant or breeding dogs. It is not known if Mitaban is safe for dogs less than 4 months old. Use cautiously on these animals.

If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a doctor immediately. Do not inhale this medication.

Mitaban is flammable until diluted.

Mitaban may cause significant skin or eye irritation in some people. If eye or skin contact occurs, flush with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Mitaban may alter your animal's ability to maintain homeostasis; do not subject your animal to stress for at least 24 hours following treatment with Mitaban.

Use cautiously in dogs with a history of liver disease or diabetes.

The active ingredient in Mitaban is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, or MAOI. Do not use at the same time as other MAOIs. Tell your veterinarian about other medications and supplements your dog is taking before beginning treatment with this product.

Side effects associated with Mitaban dips may include headache, agitation, irritability, convulsions, sweating, restlessness, dizziness, drowsiness, insomnia, dry mouth, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, and confusion. Contact your veterinarian immediately if any of these side effects develop.

Do not use this medication in animals with a known allergy to it or to similar medications.

Warranty and Manufacturer Information:

NADA #120-299, Approved by FDA

Made in Canada

Mfd. for: Pharmacia & Upjohn Company Kalamazoo, MI 49001, USA.

Mfd. by: Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health, Orangeville, ON Canada L9W 3T3.

Revised September 1998

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NAC No.: 10490340

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