Grooming Supplies for Dogs and Cats

Millers Forge is a line of pet grooming supplies for dogs and cats. Many of their pet nail clippers, scissors, and brushes are made from high quality stainless steel. Their nail clippers and scissors make it easy to trim your pets' nails at home, while their brushes can reduce shedding by collecting loose, dead hair from your pets' coats.

Millers Forge grooming supplies are great for owners looking to groom their pets at home or professional groomers who are in the market for new products. Millers Forge products are made with high quality, heat-treated stainless steel for strength, sharpness, and durability. These products are designed to clip and trim nails, brush coats, and even reduce shedding. Millers Forge can help your pets look their best.

Benefits of Millers Forge

  • Many products made from high carbon steel
  • Pin brushes and slicker brushes can reduce shedding in dogs and cats
  • Millers Forge brushes are gentle on your pet's skin
  • Easy to use clippers available in multiple sizes for cats, small dogs, and large dogs

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