Pet Kennel Odor Remover

K.O.E. kennel odor eliminator is an additive for cleaning solutions that helps eliminate pet odors, even old deeply impregnated ones. Thornell K.O.E. helps remove odors from cages, runs, floors, walls, kennels, and other large areas.

K.O.E. Concentrate eliminates both new and deeply impregnated odors from floors, walls, cages, runs, and other areas when added to rinse water or cleaning solution. The product does not simply mask odors; it removes them through a chemical process.

Benefits of K.O.E.:

  • Concentrate treats large areas after dilution
  • Does not contain bacteria, enzymes, or oxidizers
  • Nonirritating and nontoxic; safe to use around pets and humans
  • Nonflammable and biodegradable product
  • Easy to clean up and easy to use
  • Compatible with germicides and cleaners

Works through chemical bonding, absorption, and counteraction to remove odors from large areas. Contains inhibitors to prevent reactivation of odors following initial application. Not for use on animals.


Available in an 8-ounce self-measuring bottle and in 1-gallon jugs.


Using with chlorine solutions will dramatically decrease the effectiveness of this product.


This product has an indefinite shelf life. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

K.O.E. is an OTC product.

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