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IV Set (Primary), 15 drops/mL, 73 inch
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IV Sets Dexco Latex Tubing 1907
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IV Sets Simplex Gum Rubber Tubing
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IV Infusion Set for Pets

IV Set is used during medical procedures to administer fluids and medications intravenously or subcutaneously from a fluid bag.

This 73" IV Set delivers fluids intravenously or subcutaneously at a rate of 15 drops per mL of fluid. It is vented with a roller clamp, flashback bulb, and Luer Slip attachment.

Benefits of IV Set:

  • Delivers intravenous or subcutaneous fluids
  • Delivers 15 drops/mL
  • Easy-to-use Luer Slip attachment
  • Adjustable flow with roller clamp
  • Vented and includes a flashback bulb
  • Single-patient use

Subcutaneously or intravenously administers fluids from a fluid bag. Intended only for single-patient use.

Ingredients: Contains dry natural rubber.


Follow directions for proper usage. If the IV tubing is tugged or stretched, all the manual flow control clamps may lose the ability to effectively control flow. Excessive internal pressure can cause the flashback device to separate. Do not insert into blood or plasma containers. Replace according to CDC or healthcare provider guidelines.


Store at room temperature and protect from extreme temperatures. Protect product sterility until use. Discard after use on one animal. Do not resterilize or reuse.

The Primary IV Set requires a veterinary prescription.

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